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To help humanity, SpaceX unveils ‘Starshield,’ a military variation of Starlink satellites like an average netflix film started off well, but then.... not great - but it could have been A very good chance that this individual may be the next US president. Marina Sirtis quit twitter after posting this message - lol Anime turned into live action film - not a great idea So.... it turns out that this tribe was actually pro-slavery, while white colonizers were anti-slavery the unedited Biden's speech about unity - Alex Kurtzman said the first 2 seasons were necessary to earn the return of the old cast BS story Pretty woke You know how to tell when a money laundry operation was successful? when it gets a sequel despite crappy ratings a proper sequel - for adults - not too bad, I'd say It's one of those war films where people are reunited, having an emotional discussion and then get shot garbage almost great not worth seeing - sorry, Mel redflagmedia - Picard Season 2, Episodes 4 and 5 - review Why Paul Rodriguez Won’t Ever Again Work With Will Smith