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You should see the entire video. As for testosterone - You are comparing testosterone levels in men of today - but if you look back - when the ratio of lgbtq vs straight was low - read the info below. Average testosterone levels have decreased dramatically over the last century. There are some estimates that the average male's Testosterone level today ranges from 270 ng/DL to 700 ng/DL, one hundred years ago the range was 800 to 2000 I'm curious - why would you hide your orientation in the current era of openness? I can understand if this poll was done every 20 years and this was the result - that would indeed show that people are more open about it than before. This poll was done last year - and it's rather clear that there's a major increase in lgbtq ratio with each generation. I will admit, however, that there's a need to conduct many more polls of this sort - globally, to assess the true scope of the lgbtq increase - or if in fact this increase is real. As for my 'leap' - it is based on a number of animal studies - where pesticides and microplastic were shown to transform sexual orientation in animals. Just like with the poll, I will readily agree that more studies should be conducted to confirm this theory. As for the sexual orientation being innate or environmental - I wouldn't necessarily rule out that in some cases, sexual preference was determined by the early age experiences (more often than not, very negative early age experiences), but by far and large, it is innate. More info about chemicals/microplastics can be found in this interview. I think human beings should seriously begin to ponder what has transpired over the last 80 years and who is responsible. To be fair, this says more about society at large than anything else. Would a boy even use the word 'bisexual' 40 years ago? Would an average boy even know what that is? It should also be noted that what we are seeing in society may have roots in something that is by far more disturbing. Read this article. What disturbs me in particular is this bit -,f_auto,q_auto:best/rockcms/2022-07/MTP-FS-DATA-DOWNLOAD-32022-07-03-1-8ab7a2.png The percentage of LGBTQ is increasing with each generation - it's not just increasing, the ratio of lgbtq vs hetero is doubling with each generation. In other words, if let's say this increase were to continue to double, the next generation will comprise 40% of lgbtq and the following generation will be 80% lgbtq. This is a rather hypothetical scenario - much like with viruses, for example, what seems like an exponential growth in the beginning often halts at some point - otherwise we'd all already be dead. Of course, the hormone transformation is not a viral infection - so we can't even begin to predict if the increase of the percentage of lgbtq children will also halt. I've done a bit of research on this topic, and it would appear that this increase is actually a byproduct of various chemicals and microplastics being pumped into everything around us - our food supply, water, air, etc. These have a tremendous impact on newborns and their development - in fact, we might be witnessing an irreversible, man-made evolution. In other words, human genes might be irreversibly changed by these chemical compounds. As such, it is my conclusion that LGBTQ are victims - victims of either governmental negligence, which keeps talking about banning plastics (and certain pesticides) but does anything but that, or an actual plot with the aim of human depopulation. lol I'm going to assume that money is still coming in one way or another, hence the 50 sequels. I have so little in common with the youth of today that it's not for me to judge what the tiktok generation is up to these days, but I assume they are the ones watching this crap. Alternative explanation - this is all just a major money laundering operation. If it's 'split' into two parts, that's 2 movies. Again, it's some sort of a shitty marketing gimmick. lol 'family' is making bank, it seems like To have that much money to come in from investors, it gotto be the woke version, with appropriate script changes (black rock/vanguard don't care about returning funds, as they do about spreading the 'message' - hence the esg score). Alternative explanation: this is all a major money laundering operation and has been that for the last 6 sequels. I'd say this is a common theme. Not long ago, Azov was deemed a terrorist group with deep neo-nazi links - now it is being proclaimed to be a heroic military unit. If ISIS starts doing the US' bidding, it won't be long until you have mainstream news media (which is now on the whole controlled by only a few corporate entities) proclaiming that it is a revolutionary movement fighting for democracy. This is gaslighting and as we've learned, it is highly effective - especially when disseminated in the mainstream news media, which essentially is the main building block for forming the opinions of the masses ('history' textbooks play a big role there as well, but that's for kids - long term brainwashing technique). the newest episode is all about trans They got a father calling his son a daughter at the end of the episode, despite his dead son being a dude still - no surgery, facial hair, etc - and that change in the father's rhetoric is what enabled the jury to convict the killer. See - going woke allows you to solve crimes! lol I'm in the same boat - it was certainly unexpected - but eventually, I was turned off by reactions and the reasoning of various characters. I can't help but feel like it could have made a great point about cooking/pressure/critics and then I would be much more willing to accept surrealism present in this film - but since it didn't happen, the whole film felt flat to me - despite decent acting and a few good moments in the first half of the film. Essentially, it lacked a key ingredient - a deeper purpose/meaning. Same - I tried reading it twice, since it is often said to be one of the most definitive works of cyberpunk lit. It reads like a short story expanded to a novel-sized format - which means, there's a LOT of filler material and there might be a good short story hidden in that filler material, but it's not worth the time to figure out what the short story is, given how much crap you have to read to decipher it. hear, hear! Ignore the new normal Jon Stewart the sellout. lol IMDB - That's the main cast. Are you new here? To be fair, Kirstie Alley is a hard-core scientologist - it's curious that what got her cancelled is not her scientology links (scientology is all about destroying families, based on what I've read/seen) but her support of Trump - It was already gone when I made the post - I want to laugh, but deep inside I am deeply disappointed - I watched their prior reunions with great joy - Marina was always the more outspoken one, but there was always some humor in her rhetoric as well. I perceive this as a big change - the divisions are growing - ST has been turned to shite, the cast is now calling half of the population as deplorables, freedom is speech is now being gaslit and the new perception is that freedom of speech = speech of hate, which is surreal. Mainstream news media is not even pretending anymore to report news in an unbiased manner - The reality, or at least our perception of reality, is being transformed by some very powerful entities which now own all mainstream media and by that they are now able to shape the views and opinions of people and breed division and hatred. I'll this with the screenshot of the infamous words spoken by Patrick Stewart when he played professor X (sadly, Patrick Stewart did not heed his own warning). If Disney is involved - expect a crapload of wokeness. You don't even need to see the trailer or know what franchise they are massacring now - Disney does not make unwoke films any longer. It's not only that - RT score is the dumbest thing ever created. 100 people say the film deserves 51 percent out of 100 (the most mediocre score ever - on the brink of this film being a horrible one) and you get 100% RT score - lol RT is designed to make mediocre films look great on paper. Compare his energy output vs that of Biden - this was also the case during the elections campaign. Still, there's no doubt that Trump is on the same trajectory as Biden - times catches up with all of us. I have doubts that Trump will maintain the same energy output down the road - unless he's truly age-resistant. In terms of cognitive abilities - I thought Trump had issues for a while now - he seldom answers the question straight - he often starts answering, then switches the subject and then does it again and again and seldom comes back to what he was replying to in the first place. Biden... either falls asleep, starts mumbling or answers a completely different question altogether.