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Question to those who hated this movie, but loved the animated version Bryan Cranston should've been the Genie If "Titanic" had it's summer release, do you think the film would've been as successful? Aaaaw, Pinocchio is so adorable My thoughts on the film The fishes were quite rude to Marlin Long hair or short hair? Pretty good movie Angelina Jolie vs. Alicia Vikander Flash/Barry was my favorite character in the movie View all posts >


Well, since the scene is made for comedic purposes, I doubt that it was intentional that Mushu killed him. But the film never made a fuzz about that. Agreed, it was truly epic in every single sense. And catchy. Thanks. I'll hope you'll like it. Yeah, I liked "Never Too Late" as well. And I liked "Mbube" as well. To be honest, I wouldn't personally mind to see it, though I know that it's a rather unpopular opinion. It's understandable why "The Lion King" was given a remake, but I doubt that "Bambi" is getting one. To be honest, I thought Beyonce was fine. She wasn't brilliant by any means, but she did a fairly competent work. Well, okay. We can agree to disagree. Thanks I know, right? Aaaah, okay. Cool collection :) View all replies >