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In hindsight, was the Ark a real threat? Why not let the terrorists take off... He never thought to ask the family he bought the box from about it? Imagine D-fens, Arthur Fleck, and John Doe from Se7en get in Travis Bickle's cab... With all that money and technology, why couldn't Wallace... Why didn't Charlie and Raymond take a train? Good movie, but a better ending would have been... Picture on Jamie's wall? Why no drugs? Question about Las Vegas scene View all posts >


He's the type of killer that enjoys the thrill of the hunt. To Mitch, it's as important as the kill itself. He saw Frank as a worthy adversary. Also, even though Horrigan took the first bullet, Leary still had one more round loaded and, if he was as lethal an assassin as he was cracked up to be, could probably have gotten a second shot off at the president before people realized what was going on. But like you said, it's a movie, you can always chalk it up to something like Leary being so shocked that Horrigan actually wasn't a coward and being distracted by the thought. Interesting, hadn't considered that there might be a way to properly "use" the Ark in battle. Yeah, true, I guess the quest for the Ark is still exciting if pretend you don't know the ending. It works like any other twist ending. Yup, from my rudimentary understanding of German, it just sounded like "Dr. Jones, someone would like to speak to you. Come with us." It still scares me as an adult, maybe because I'm putting myself in the mother's shoes, coming home and wondering where my daughter went only to find her in a closet, not only dead, but horribly disfigured with no medical explanation. That is terrifying. Good point, I guess if they were stealthy enough about their take-off, it would have made it difficult to locate them in the air in time to scramble fighter planes. I don't think we're supposed to like them, but they're there as a sort of contrast to Amy. Both are villains, but Amy is out of her element when dealing with brute force street criminals like them. Amy is at home in urban social circles where she can manipulate people and use the media. Maybe he was just listening to some Slayer to get in the Zone. Enola claims to be a detective, but you could barely see any "detecting" beneath the barrage of feminist tropes and the woke 21st century political agenda. The mystery and crime-solving aspect is almost an afterthought because the wokeism is so in-your-face. Just a side note, did I miss a meeting or something when everyone suddenly decided that modern feminism is no longer about celebrating women of strong mind and integrity, but rather of women physically kicking ass? It's strange to me that in this aspect feminists would fall back on "objectifying" women. I cry for you, missing the whole point of fiction. View all replies >