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The first time they tried, they failed... What kind of vodka are they drinking? Anyone else have a problem with Khomyuk? Why the ambush? Why do the traffickers... What is it with assassins... Why wasn't Sam arrested by the FBI? One thing I request if this ever gets made Wouldn't it have been easier... I'm surprised Interscope was ok with this View all posts >


Yeah, you make some good points. It's really just those several times when a male character says "Maybe it's X" and she says "No, you're wrong, it's Y" that she almost took me out of the movie. Upon a second viewing, she's not so bad, though I still find her less interesting than the other characters. Arthur: I was thinking of a joke. You wouldn't get it. Travis: I'm hip... Even Wonder Woman makes mistakes sometimes, lol! I'll spoil the surprise for you: Khomyuk is the same throughout the series. That's why she jumped out at me as the most artificial of all the characters. Still a great show though! I liked her character, so I'm kind of disappointed that she died just as easily as everyone else. I kind of wish for a brief moment she was able to overpower the children and put out a cigarette on Mara's face or something before dying. Her character, being like the Captain Ahab of this story, deserved to go down fighting. My money is initially on Mara, but the question is, does Malachai have access to He Who Walks Behind the Rows? Then we might have a good matchup. John Carpenter, Village of the Damned vs. Children of the Corn when?? I wanted them to be killed. Not only were they proven to be extremely hostile, they and the other colonies had to be wiped out to highlight the moral of Alan's speech about the souls of humans making them the superior beings. The aliens were almost invincible, yes, but their notion of survival at all costs brought all their colonies into conflict with humans and they all wound up dying as a result of it. Except of course, for the one among them who learned to adapt and form an emotional bond with his neighbors. Similar to why the Predator doesn't kill everything it comes across. No sport. So it sounds like the three men in the wetsuits survived. How were they able to survive, especially when everyone seems to already know it was a suicide mission? Did they overestimate the radiation in the water? Were they just lucky? I guess it could symbolize loss of innocence for the Soviet Union because of what Legasov revealed. The Mickey Mouse statue stood in the ruins of Pripyat, abandoned, deteriorating. Just my guess. View all replies >