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Wouldn't it have been easier... I'm surprised Interscope was ok with this Why wouldn't the Duke testify? The prima nocte wife The "arcs" of Alejandro and Matt Special mention of the actress who played Isabel The kids talk too damn fast! Why Thorn? Is Blake telling the truth about the leads? Why do American monsters always end up... View all posts >


Oh, I don't doubt that the portrayal is at least somewhat realistic. What amazes me is more that Interscope was involved with this movie, lent their name to it, produced the soundtrack, saw the way the character who works for them was being portrayed and said, "Yeah, that's fine". Unless what you're saying is that Interscope just doesn't shy away from those business practices and is happy to even openly flaunt it? Jack's opening line to Ally should have been "Jesus, you got a big noggin." I heard several sniffles in my theater. I was damn close to tears during the last song. I usually don't cry. There have only been 2 or 3 movies in my entire life that have actually made me cry and this one came damn close, so that's something. To this day, whenever my brother or I get a new ID for work, we flash it to each other using De Niro's move, haha. Guess that makes sense. The fact that we never saw her again always made me think twice. Glad she lived, at least, haha. I live near Sleepy Hollow and they definitely celebrate their Halloween heritage. They have a parade with the Headless Horseman, of course, haunted hay rides and I think they even have a reading of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow for the kids near the fabled Tree of the Dead. Sadly, I've never had the chance to be there for the celebration even though I'm close by. :( But I did drive through there around Halloween time and saw lots of great decorations featuring the Horseman and that they even change their street signs to orange and black for the season. Here one of my favorite horror critics pays a visit to the village: I loved the Rhonda character. My only gripe with the writing of this segment is that she allows Schrader to die along with the other kids, even though he was the one actually looking out for her and comforting her when he saw she was hurt and scared. I didn't think she would suddenly turn THAT cruel. But, it was also a pretty good twist that I didn't see coming. Not trolling. Aren't I allowed to actually be impressed by her acting? The ending I wanted to see for this movie didn't end up happening, at least not yet. I wanted to see Isabel befriend Alejandro and become a kind of surrogate daughter for him, since he's still heartbroken about the loss of his real daughter. They begin to bond enough so that Alejandro would never kill her, but are separated before it can become more than that. If they ever make another Sicario, I think this would be a "brighter" possible ending for both characters. Oh yeah, I would say language has definitely evolved even in our lifetime. I'm not sure technology alone was the cause, but life in the 21st century certainly moves at a faster pace and there's more going on than in the 80s and 90s. So it makes sense to me that kids today would have adapted by speaking faster. This article makes that case, but for people today in general, not just the kids: View all replies >