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I just watched this movie for the first time, and yeah, I thought the same thing. <blockquote>Plus there's also the issue with all the pedophelia and STDs in male homosexuality.</blockquote> [citation needed] <blockquote>Miriam was TOTALLY STARK NAKED under the sheets! (It's pretty obvious.)</blockquote> Obvious, you say? Never seen so much sideboob in an American movie pre-1968. It's obviously intentional, and I think its purpose is to establish what is probably true, especially in religious countries : that suicide is even more taboo than homosexuality. The bonus is that it makes the first 30 minutes more suspenseful. The subtitles say "Liaison". Her best movie is surely Some Like it Hot. The Misfits is also better in my opinion. All About Eve is better as well, but she's got a very small part in it. Same thing for The Asphalt Jungle. <blockquote>I also find it frustrating that we SEE the hatcheck girl leave Bogart's apartment. In other words, we, the audience, know he's not guilty. It would've been much sharper to fade the scene out before she decides to leave.</blockquote> I thought about this too. But if the film goes like quoted above, it becomes Suspicion (1941) by Hitchock. "Eroticism isn't about what you show, but rather what you don't show." That's why I think it would have been immensely better to NOT have shown Carole Bouquet's breasts. This was completely intentional. Supposed to be funny... but the creepy kind of funny. View all replies >