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Eli Wallach I remember when... What ever happened to nuance? Listen to what John Carpenter said about his film... View all posts >


He's over. Suck it. Ha! Like Trump cound keep that secret.... I have no need to prove it's true to you, but if you want proof look under the front seat of your Cadillac. You got to the end before you questioned the story’s plausibility? She came out of the water firing a pistol. She was fair game with any weapon. Why? Becasue it was fuckin cool! Just the irony of Hollywood at the time rarely hiring Mexican actors to play Mexicans, but hiring a Jewish actor to play one. In his biography Wallach talks about early roles playing Mexicans and Italians, when the studios wouldn’t hire actual Mexicans and Italians for ethnic roles. In retrospect they were some of his career defining roles. Not bad for a Jewish boy from Brooklyn.... Yes, the show was a horrible failure that was cancelled after the first season. Almost a joke.... A MacGuffin View all replies >