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JD's brother tells him he has to grow up The most unrealistic thing in this movie. Why doesn't Dave rescue Frank after he gets control of the ship again? At the end, why was Captain America excluded from the rule they made when they first decided to time travel? Last ever role is gonna be in a superhero movie? Why didn't Vision and Heimdall appear in the final battle? Did the recent Manbearpig episodes retroactively make the original episode and the Imaginationland trilogy worse? Why does this show acknowledge the existence of the movie Goodfellas? Is it ever stated or implied how old Eddie Brock is in this movie? In regards to the new episode: What kind of upside down world do the writers live in? View all posts >


Nobody cares what that dumbshit attention whore thinks. Yeah. The same way North Koreans have balls when they say how much they love Kim Jong Un "Your compassion toward the memory of a 22 year old who died in a plane crash is truly inspiring." Not taking any sides here, but how is this an argument in any way? Seems like nothing but shameless guilt tripping Because of her Instagram post. Worthless mind controlled liberal hollywood puppet. Fun fact: The only movie were his cameo is a part of the plot is in Norton Hulk where he is the one who obtains the bottle containing Hulk's blood. Well, if you follow various 'history' accounts on social media she gets posted about all the time. Let's put it this way: When he dies, Simpsons (finally) dies. This may sound morbid, but they have been lucky with which voice actors have died and which haven't yet. The only characters whose voice actors are dead are Troy and Lionel, Edna Krabappel, and Lunchlady Doris. Also: Boney M, Kate Bush I hope Taiwan bans the movie. Because that's the only thing it would take for this to reach global news. Which then would force the makers to backtrack and edit them in again. And Taylor's original comments are just fine and dandy. What a joke "journalism" is. Nothing but a bunch of activist trying to outwoke themselves every day. View all replies >