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The most unrealistic thing in this movie. Why doesn't Dave rescue Frank after he gets control of the ship again? At the end, why was Captain America excluded from the rule they made when they first decided to time travel? Last ever role is gonna be in a superhero movie? Why didn't Vision and Heimdall appear in the final battle? Did the recent Manbearpig episodes retroactively make the original episode and the Imaginationland trilogy worse? Why does this show acknowledge the existence of the movie Goodfellas? Is it ever stated or implied how old Eddie Brock is in this movie? In regards to the new episode: What kind of upside down world do the writers live in? What we have learned from this is View all posts >


He was more morally filled than pretty much everyone on the show. One of these two things would have actually happened: 1. Everyone who tweeted #Kill.... would have been banned and that hashtag wouldn't be postable 2. Twitter would have been sued to bankrupcy. The Mary Sues did everything they could, but most of the damage was pretty much unstoppable. Oh yeah Those bees being programmed to do this shit was also stupid. Too far fetched story (a problem in the majority of the episodes, actually). Bad actors. Leads are complete Mary Sues surrounded by idiots. Too long winded. That embarrassing Silence of the Lambs homage ending. It sucked ass. He was of course great in Manchester, but that was a very one dimensional role. Don't know how well he does in roles which requires a wide arrange of emotions. An observation you thought was so good you responded to a post over 2 years old. Nice argument. Huh? I liked the Russian. She took no shit. No idea what you found so extremely distasteful about her. Her cousin on the other hand was annoying. When did she do the latter? View all replies >