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How did Mike know about Saul's trip? Wait, when did Lalo allegedly murder someone? Why is that Schweikart guy so cozy with every other lawyer now? Didn't police search warrant the entire house at the end? Who was the maid's husband sending morse codes to? Wait, were we supposed to think that Mookie did the right thing? JD's brother tells him he has to grow up The most unrealistic thing in this movie. Why doesn't Dave rescue Frank after he gets control of the ship again? At the end, why was Captain America excluded from the rule they made when they first decided to time travel? View all posts >


Never heard of her before. long can she live? I kind of like it, but the site also drives me mad over the countless omissions in the 'examples' pages... Michael Jackson are nothing but baseless accusations. Well, there isn't a lot of culture from that age which aged well. With Vietnam you have so much music to include and the hippie movement, plus relevant movie references. And World War 2 & 1 are a major part of history. What is this story about? Never heard of. Ah, shit. He killed him? What an ass. Ha...ha....ha Lalo is dead before the events of BB start. Remember what Gus said to Hector after Jesse killed some relative in Mexico. 'The Salamanca line dies with you' Damn, I didn't know he was voiced by the lady who voiced Minnie. I knew she died, but didn't know that. I always thought Martin was a Tress voiced character. If you're shocked at that, look at it's rank on Letterboxd. Man, that site as gone down the drain the last few years. View all replies >