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“Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now" Does this ever get better? How did Mike know about Saul's trip? Wait, when did Lalo allegedly murder someone? Why is that Schweikart guy so cozy with every other lawyer now? Didn't police search warrant the entire house at the end? Who was the maid's husband sending morse codes to? Wait, were we supposed to think that Mookie did the right thing? JD's brother tells him he has to grow up The most unrealistic thing in this movie. View all posts >


"and compared to some of the sadistic psychos he’s surrounded with he seems like the reasonable one" Really? He seemed on average spectrum compared to the rest of his crew. Sure, he was better than Ralph, Phil, Paulie, Ritchie Aprile and Chris, but much worse than Silvio, Carlo, Furio, Patsy, Carmine, Vito and especially Bobby, I'd say he's equal with Johnny Sac. Dylan Roof didn't resist arrest. But that tiny fact there is not ever a part of your narrative when comparing all these black career criminals with the likes of him and that Batman movie killer. First of all, that is a lie. Second, even if they hadn't, so what? Why would that be relevant today? Italians have been far more discriminated against than Indians in the US. And Southerens aren't discriminated against? Every single goddmann Hollywood movie with them present has them depicted as hateful racist borderline illiterate idiots. Like every Netflix original features them as the bad guys acting like this. I'm not from an English speaking country. I don't know the definition of all English terms. I didn't even know that it was a term before 4-5 years ago. I always thought the title just referred to the fact that his dad was in jail, unaware of the double pun. Calling everyone and everything you don't like for racist, white supremacist, nazis, etc is not an argument. I finished season 3 and the show got a bit better again after the abysmal first half of season 2. Gob and Lucille being leaders of the company was definitely the lowest point of the first 3 seasons. But all in all, this was a mixed experience. You point out all the genius foreshadowing in the earlier episodes. Any of them relating to Lindsay being adopted and 3 years older than Michael, which we don't find out about until the very last episode? In the last episode, we saw a flashback of the two of them where Lindsay looks older, but I remember previous flashbacks where they look the same age... The same goes for Annyong. Was anything around him being a planned infiltrator of the Bluth family to take revenge for his grandfather ever foreshadowed? Oh yeah, i'm never gonna watch season 4 and 5. At least not voluntarily. Wasn't it Oz who changed the game 2 years earlier? How did no one notice when it happened? Just read that list. Insane does not even begin to describe it. Seems like it's more based on influence than quality. Does anyone really think he's on the same level as Blackmore, Hendrix, Gilmour, Clapton, etc? View all replies >