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Hate to see this guy go Smarter than you think it is There's a movie VERY similar to this, but I can't remember it (SOLVED) AI love story very similar to "Her" Wonder what she's doing nowadays? I didn't know this existed The prisoner Just saw the first episode and it was great I hear this is really good, but I have questions... A 4 on IMDB View all posts >


That was an excellent movie. I was so shocked by the counter-intuitive ending. A few fools might try it, but now that the initial dummies got busted and are going to prison, the smarter ones should know better. Genius parody. A++. So you can't define it, other than to say it's a bunch of stuff you don't like? She's got talent and style, but that's not uncommon in the music field. She's just one of the ones that struck a chord with a lot of people, much like Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Merle Haggard, and Garth Brooks in their own times. You could say she's in good company. I admit I do like a few of her songs, and I'm 54. So I guess that's a "yes." Good luck in life, wishing for some bizarre conspiracy theory to come true. And calling other people idiots that you don't even know. lol You don't really believe that, do you? I think you're overthinking the movie, likely through the lens of religion, which is always a risky endeavor. Maybe there is no God, but that's irrelevant, anyway. The actual poem he's reciting is by British poet Dylan Thomas. It speaks to the idea of facing one's fears and persevering in the face of overwhelming odds. It's not about God. How would you know if she lied? It's well documented that she didn't like being in the White House. She's not going back. Ridiculous. She's said repeatedly she's not interested. View all replies >