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Where can I get this movie? Season 3 finale... holy sh*t! (no spoilers here) This movie was horrible Boot a liberal out of the country. GoFundMe to get rid of a liberal What happened?? Surprisingly good Good show The Terminators were way weaker than in the movies An excellent show View all posts >


I am incredibly disappointed so far. Jumping around in time allows no building of story, no character development. I don't care about any of these people. They are not the Stu, Larry, Flagg, Nick, or Frannie that I know and love watching. It jumped right into the plague... no build up whatsoever. This should have been two stories, like the '90s series: 1) the near-end of humanity via a plague, that leads into 2) a real battle of good vs evil. It wasn't. Also, to nitpick... I love Alexander Skarsgård, but Flagg is not the right role for this guy. His grin is not menacing... it's just goofy. To sum it up... bad storytelling, bad casting, and far from the epic masterpiece that it should have been. Good question. I just saw the pilot and it was horrible. If I wanted to watch I Love Lucy or Bewitched, I would. Sure hope they go somewhere fast with this. I basically agree with you, EXCEPT... Johnny is not really a piece of crap. He made a lot of bad choices in his life, but I think it's obvious he's trying to be a better person. Daniel, on the other hand, made mostly good choices, but like everyone, he's flawed. He seems to be a little snotty, maybe a little egotistical. That's probably why a lot of people don't like him. You don't think she's doing a good job as an Amazonian? I expected lots of cool old '80s music. Nope. Completely forgettable movie. Gal Gadot is too good for the material they are giving her. I hope Marvel hires her for a role. The former Blackwater guards Trump pardoned were convicted of killing 17 Iraqi civilians. Some were children. The youngest victim was a 9-year-old boy. FBI investigators determined the kills were unjustified. They shot women and kids who had their hands in the air. Deplorable. I saw them both. Not sure how it's that close to Lost. The Six Feet Under ending with Claire driving, and we see everyone live their lives right up to their deaths is an exact mirror of Dean driving and us seeing Sam live his life right up to his death. Complete with cool music on both. Haha. What does "woke free" mean? lol The show was amazing in the first few seasons. Right after angels showed up, it turned into garbage. Then it got better, then worse, then better, but never as great as the early seasons. It has been a long ride. They got away from the serious nature of the early seasons, which was unfortunate. The ending was alright, but borrowed WAY too much from the ending of Six Feet Under. View all replies >