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(SOLVED) AI love story very similar to "Her"

I watched a movie with a similar theme years ago. Would liike to watch it again, but can't remember the name. It was VERY similar, a love story between a man and an AI. It was not a well-known movie like Ex Machina. Can anyone help me remember it?


How old is your movie?

I found a list.

1927 Metropolis

1931 Frankenstein

1959 twilight zone (ep “The lonely” & “I sing the body electric”)

1970 Colossus: The Forbin Project

1973 Westworld

1975 The Stepford Wives

1977 Demon Seed

1981 Heartbeeps

1982 Android

1982 blade runner

1982 tron

1985 weird Science

1986 Deadly Friend

1987 Cherry 2000

1987 Making Mr. Right

1995 Outer Limits (episodes)

1995 Screamers

1996 Lexx

1997 Flubber

1999 Bicentennial man

2001 A.I: Artificial Intelligence

2002 S1mone

2005 Serenity

2009 Terminator Salvation

2010 Tron legacy

2012 Imposter (?)

2013 Her

2014 Ex Machina

2014 Transcendence

2015 Chappie

2015 Dark Matter tv series

2015 Tomorrowland

2015 Uncanny

2017 blade runner 2049


Thanks for responding. I don't believe it is any of those... the year should be somewhere between 2012-2016, I think. At the time, I remember both Her and this other movie being available around the same time, and the theme was incredibly similar. The subject that falls in love with the AI was an older man, I believe. Think: someone like Brian Cox, who for some reason, I can't seem to get out of my mind when I think about this movie. But I don't see anything he's done that sounds like this (except "Her" lol). This one is really hard to figure out. I hate getting old. lol


Sexy Jexi (2019) ? She was a robot?


I found it... It was Auggie (2019). Very good movie, as I recall. Thank you for trying to help. :)