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I hear this is really good, but I have questions...

I am not generally an anime guy. I loved animation as a youth, watched every episode of Robotech. Later on, I had a hard time finding anything animated I really liked. Loved the original Final Fantasy. Loved Princess Mononoke. Really loved Invincible recently. Just wanted to give you an idea what I do like before I say what I don't like.

I can't stand fluffy stuff. Really dislike screaming close-ups of anime character with "power lines" in the background to show how strong they are (I guess). Looking for good dialogue, a real story, hopefully fluid animation, too. Is this a possible show for me?

If not, could anyone suggest something different that might appeal to me?


this show is for you.


Wow, thank you, r5d4d2! Appreciate the feedback. Going to go check it out.