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Well she never got to finish The OA, unfortunately. I can tell you she likes to have a big build up in most of her movies (of the ones that I have seen, anyway). You know, like the ending in Sound of my Voice. You get the same kind of jolt at the end in Another Earth and I Origins. Shyamalan's got nothing on her, imo. 16 years ago, a right-winger posted about how he hates science. lol Did you just call me a neanderthal because I said racism still exists? This movie is all about racism, though... and that hasn't changed. The times haven't changed that much since 2009. Unfortunately, I think you missed the point of the movie. lol Wow, that have the same word in the party name, so they MUST be the exact same thing. I think you also need to read some history. Agreed. To be fair, I don't think you can look at small things, like his college major or the fact that he loved animals, in order to determine ideology. I have extremely conservative friends who are true animal lovers. It's all about the political moves and what the person does while in power. The Nazis were a nationalist party. Socialism was strong in Germany, so they stole the name in order to appeal to working-class resentments, hoping to wean German workers away from their attachment to existing socialist and communist parties. Hitler was a populist leader. Far lefties will say "Hitler was a Christian", but that is highly disputed and most think it was simply a mask and he was actually skeptical of religion, so I won't throw that in there. He certainly didn't seem to care for Judaism. The Nazi party made a priority of breaking trade unions, and union leaders were arrested and put in prison or concentration camps. It kicked Democrats, socialists, and Jews out of public service in the government. The Nazis outlawed socialism, and executed socialists and communists en masse, even before they started rounding up Jews. In 1933, the Dachau concentration camp held socialists and leftists exclusively. In the 1930s, Nazism, in sharp contrast to socialism, was strongly supported by leading capitalists and right wingers in the US. When Henry Ford announced that he might run for president in 1923, Hitler (barely known at the time) told the Chicago Tribune that he would like to send shock troops to Chicago to assist in the campaign. Hoover admired the Nazis and was a pen pal of Heinrich Himmler. Nazism is a right wing ideology. It is violently racist, anti-socialist, and it targets the political left for extermination. It is honestly scary to me that extreme righties have misunderstood (intentionally?) history to the extent that they have. Ha! Trump didn't incite the riot?? Mitch McConnell disagrees with you, Mr. Centrist. Someone else started this thread. I just said he was a voice for hatred and intolerance, and that I am indifferent to him dying. I simply don't care. It's your side always crying about "freedom of speech", so why can't I say what I want to say? No cult here. I bet you read QAnon stuff though, don't you? Admit it. And I apologize for calling you "dumb." I thought for sure you were MovieChatUser497, who doesn't have the faintest understanding of the right-wing origins of the Nazi party. How about Britannica, since you don't like The Washington Post. It's not just wapo. I've read many books. This is history, kid. I can't console the family... I don't know them! I doubt I'd be traveling in the circles of wealthy right-wing radio pundits anyway. For a third time, I'll tell you I am not celebrating. The article you linked said Biden said he would "beat the hell out of President Donald Trump if they were in high school" over his crude comments about women. That's not super nice, but is it as bad as Trump inciting the capitol riot? I don't think so. How many the many pro-violence comments Trump has made at his rallys? Mr. Centrist, are you calling for him to go to jail right along with Biden? As far as me being a "disgrace", speak for yourself, rightie. I've earned my place in life, and it's a good place. How's yours? Haha. You look dumber the more you type. I have repeatedly said to look up the origin of the party (and the name of the party, for that matter). Here, since you only want to confirm your own bias, I'll spell it out for you: The party was created to draw workers away from communism and into völkisch nationalism. You understand nationalism, right? It's an "America First" kind of idea. My country wrong or right. The Nazi party was an enemy of and an alternative to the political left. Try this article on for size. It's one of many that explains it to you: I remember Biden saying he's take Trump "out to the woodshed." I don't remember him saying he'd like to punch Trump in the face or that the police were the enemy. Do you have a reasonable source for that? I have plenty of integrity. People with integrity don't make snap judgements based on extremist views on movie chat boards. Let's see a source. I also have said twice now I don't rejoice in Limbaugh dying. Again, I will state I feel indifferent about it. He was a voice for hatred and intolerance, but there are many out there and silencing one doesn't mean anything. Wise men don't listen to people who have no understanding of history, then spout falsehoods about it. Do you know what the Dunning-Kruger Effect is? You're the cultist. What has Q told you this week? I don't know if they should be impeached because I never cared about those two. I don't know what they said, nor do I give a shit. They're only marginally better than Trump. Okay, maybe more than marginally (anyone would be), but that's not saying much. Haha! "Objective observer." You're a hoot. Keep telling yourself that, goofball. Did you happen to go past high school? If so, crack open a book and learn before you speak. You really are incredibly stupid. Chanting that Kamala bullshit like it means something to me. I don't even like Biden or Harris. Whoa, I guess you are even more lost now. "Wut happened? I thought I was insulting a lefty Demokkkrat who loves Biden and Kamala??" Sorry to rock your world. While I am not a lefty, you definitely are stupid. LOOK UP THE STORY OF THE NAZI PARTY, DUMMY. They were right-wing. Now they are banned in Germany, as they should be, and in case you didn't know it, Germany is now a liberal country. Thanks to us setting up their great constitution for them. You're no centrist. You're a liar. Every word you speak is right-wing hate.