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Good :) "Around the time of this flashback, Walt was a grumpy asshole and Jesse was extremely wired and defiant." I felt the same but... It was so good seeing them together again, that I didn't even give it a second thought. Guess they didn't want it to be a scene in which they have a heated debate or anything like that. Just casual conversation, for old time's sake. True. Aaron looked a bit too fat as well. They both needed to lose weight. Plemons was so distracting in this. count me in "Connery grew tired of media and fan circus around him" Perhaps he feels the same. Other than that and possibly the physical aspect that the role requires, I can't think of a real reason. He's probably tired of it because of petty reasons and acts all dramatical about it. After all, it's not like he is Hugh Jackman who has to work out his body and soul to get in shape everytime he has to play Wolverine again. I've asked myself this same question before. hans makes some good points. In the cemetery battle with Voldemort, in Goblet of Fire, what worked for him was the Experlliarmus spell. Why risk experimenting with a spell that not only you have zero experience with, but that is also generally perceived as being difficulty to cast? Also, like the other user pointed out, it's similar to the Batman & Joker dynamic, Harry doesn't want to cross that line and become a killer. He is the best imo. "I liked the movie until they ripped off Home Alone with that stupid booby trapped house crap." That's one the things I like the most about it. They really were scrambling for any kind of resources they could find to make a final stand. No fancy toys from Q, no backup, no nothing. As someone who is not THAT much into tv shows, I say it is. The only show that actually captured my attention, didn't bore me and kept me wanting more. I drop most shows I start watching, but this... I didn't know what to do once it ended lol. The pacing is just great, it pretty much never gets boring or feels like it's dragging, nor does it drop in quality to any significant extent, which are my main gripes with shows. Is Gambit's participation on Origins considered a cameo? View all replies >