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Huh. That's a nice spin on it. Finn's characterization sucked, but at least your view gives him some degree of intelligence. I think it varies with the "ghost", but they do eventually pass onto the next life for good. They might be able to be "summoned" or just appear when they want to. It probably takes a lot out of them to appear to the living, so they wouldn't constantly be pestering Luke. Glad to see new people around! Good point about Voldemort wanting to be master forever without contention. Still, I have a feeling that part of him would want to continue his bloodline, since he's all about pure bloods and such. And in case he did die, having a son would ensure his vision would continue to the next generation. I'm surprised no one has said Game of Thrones yet, lol. That would probably be my choice, but then again, knowing who died when would diminish the shock factor. It is one of the few tv shows I watch. Same. I'm not necessarily afraid of them anymore, but I certainly don't like them. Especially the creepy-teeth one. (Still getting the 3 clowns at the bottom and Brendan Fraiser) I tend to stay away from horror anyway. That clown kidnapping story sounds creepy and tragic. But probably influenced part of the whole "Stranger Danger!" mindset. I'm not saying that all the main characters should be killed off; that would not be a good thing. I do like most of the characters remaining, but some of them are less necessary. I was fully expecting Cersei to be killed this season, for instance, but I suppose that would make it too predictable. At least Littlefinger kicked the bucket. The main problem with the wight hunt is that Tyrion should have known that Cersei wouldn't play nice. Maybe if Varys or Jon had suggested the idea, it could have been a tiny bit better. It did convince a good deal of people that the threat is real, but not everyone. Season 7 did give us some great moments... towards the start of the season. You bring up some good points here, but neglected a few as well. I definitely agree with you about the "time travel" argument; there simply isn't enough time to show everyone going everywhete. Yes, it is disorienting, but it's common in fantasy/sci-fi where characters have a huge setting to wander around in. Plot armor, fan service, etc are more common now than in previous seasons. Some of that is good. Some of it... not so good. Twice characters survived sure drowning. The fact that Cersei didn't kill either of her brothers is odd. But we got Arya home, Gendry back, and Jon/Dany romance! However, I definitely see some decline in the writing quality. I will never stop being frustrated about the wight dragon, for instance, and the wight hunt plot was poorly thought out. GRRM isn't perfect, but the reason he takes so long to write is because he tries to prevent plot holes and inconsistencies. Whatever you do, be careful. The weather is really crazy down south from what I've heard, but I think it might be dying down by now (I could be wrong, so don't take my word for it!). My grandmother is in Florida, but I believe she's not in the direct path of the hurricane. So hopefully she'll be okay, but she lives alone. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the hurricane. Has anyone tried PMing ksp? Alright. It seems kinda odd to make a newsletter for a forum. What even are the Newsletters? What else is in them? I noticed a box for it in the sign-up page, but I haven't given my email (yet), so I can't get them. But I'm curious, lol. View all replies >