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S2 has nothing to do with the first season. It wasn't Cinderella. I think there was an old guy in the movie too with the little boy. Sorry I can't give much more than that. I was really young when I last saw it. But the only real vivid memory I have is that little boy's voice saying "bruno". For some reason I think they were in a forest. And I am 100% sure it's live action, not animated. No, it's definitely live action It's a reboot and from the trailer it looks like total garbage. The only thing she needed was a voice. Which is why this movie should have taken place in the 90s or 80s. Seriously, Since when in today's world do you have to lift a finger to call or text someone if your SMARTPHONE is right next to you? Was the phone dead by the time she got herself free? Yes. But was it dead after she realized he was? Was there ANY hint at all that her phone was dead the entire time? Definitely. It was the most intense. The music, the was all just really creepy and done really well. Something I rarely see in horror movies. The new movie was boring and slow and had absolutely no feeling to it at all. SPOILERS Yes they are blood related. Dany's mother father were brother/sister. A lot of incest went on in the Targaryen Family to "keep the bloodline pure". As for Tyerion I'm not sure what that was all about. He looked pretty bummed. But was it b/c of his affection for Dany or a conversation we didn't hear between him and Cersei? Hopefully he doesn't turn out to be a trader.. He was at east watch last when we saw him. We didn't see him again before the wall was destroyed. Thank you for clearing that up... A pedophile is someone who prefers young children. Young as in prepubescent. No hair in certain places, no sign of puberty at all. So if a 50 year old man or woman is with a 16 year old, they're not considered a pedophile. Disgusting/twisted pervert yes. But not pedophile. View all replies >