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Started good but.... crappy season.. and aimed only at the US audience Do you believe Cersei is pregnant? SPOILERS so that's it for episode 5??? possible spoilers View all posts >


he is great and very charismatic :) to me he will always be Sark from Alias. Used to have huge crush on him back than and his british accent was perfect!!!! that was him at the council meeting, I barely recognized him he grew up, looks like Justin Bieber with black hair, very punchable face lol it's a CW show, network for teeny soap operas. And writer is Julie Plec.. creator of Vampire Diaries.. what to expect I was thinking the same, his face not really looking that bad kind of took away from his transformation and hiding behind the mask in the beginning and acting like he's a monster now... all this time I was thinking how he just looks the same, few lines on face but still looking hot and just a little more badass hahaha. well here in Europe Gianni was huge and people certainly knew more who he is than O.J. but yes, i was wondering also was he really that famous or loved in the US? because after all this is called AMERICAN Crime Story so I understand how people are less interested in this season.. I'm sure there are figures they are interested in more than Italian designer... but for me season 2 is way better than the first one :) well I think everyone would agree even Tolkien who wrote character of Sam like that, Frodo would not make even a small part of that journey without Sam, he was his strength and rock and kept him going.. Sam is real hero and best friend in the world!!! but there isn't just one hero, there are many heroes in this story... do you guys really think seasons have to fit into timeline with each other? I don't.. AHS has always been anthology series, every season is new story totally unconnected to the others... same actors play totally different characters, just because this one is crossover of some characters, doesn't mean things need to completely add up with other seasons, it's not a sequel and this show was never made like that no he's scottish check his interviews hahaha from Richard Madden? he is Scottish I though that is his real accent.. ??? View all replies >