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Henley guy was great... WHY no Season Three??! Outside Scenes ... where? PENNY -VACUOUS , BORED, OPPORTUNIST Anyone cringe at the Karen ... Why doesn’t Jim know that Karen ... I watch ALL DAY , EVERYDAY!! Jan - SPOILERS Kevin - I know he gets ...SPOILERS Michael’ s “ Local Ad” View all posts >


Yes If we get a S 3! He was great here as Manson but Railsback was amazing and the best Manson. WORD!! And the interviews with offenders are real dialogue from real interviews with them. I agree we need , at least , a third season. Plots are left dangling. Agree with all of this ABSOLUTELY I’m just watching the second season now. About 6 eps in. I agree with you about the side stories. While Tench’s kid’s story is drawing me in, I am reading here on boards that it goes no where. Very disappointed. I’ll watch till the end just to finish up, but I’ll be FF through drivel. He is absolutely mesmerizing!! It’s his show . He is so believable in this character. They all are, really. View all replies >