Stuff to notice... SPOILERS

In no particular order (or are they?), here's stuff that is worth noting although they likely have no significance or meaning at all (or do they?)..

- Comic book guy " Our world is filled with codes , subliminal messages. From Silverlake to the Hollywood Hills."

Silverlake and the Hollywood hills are separated by just one neighbourhood (Los Feliz - the happy ones) . The "world" he refers to then is about three and a half miles or a ten minute drive long.

Mickey Mouse was born in Los Feliz and talked "since 1928" The same year as the silent Janet Gaynor picture, 7th (Sevence) Heaven.

Feel free to add more inconsequential (maybe) trivia and connections.


Songs heard in the movie include "What's The Frequency Kenneth?" by REM and "Your Woman" by White Town

In 1928 there was major reform to the assignment of local radio frequencies in order to reduce interference.

The only speaking parts played by non-white actors that I can remember are the cop at the comic guy's house and the guy who tows Sam's car away. Also the sheriff.