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How do you get Lost In New York? Dagobah continuity error I see this site is pushing Republican editorials now... Stuff to notice... SPOILERS This was great. Well worth the wait. OT: Under The Silver Lake - by David Robert Mitchell, featuring Andrew Garfield Why Hollywood won't hire "X" Celebrity/Actor ... Mark Ronson was the DJ in Zoolander The score for this film Garbled and unintelligible lines View all posts >


If you say so, flower. Nothing is "destroyed", still. That's the bottom line. For one thing , there's been horror movies about evil men preying on women for over a century now. Only thing that's destroyed is any sense of proportion with these kind of complaints. "if that's how they talked on the plantation it's not a stereotype" How do you know they all talked like that on a plantation? Oh jesus. Evils? What are the evils of Gabby Gabby, exactly? What a stupid thread this is. No she wasn't bitchy and she wasn't mean to Woody. Far from it. The reasons for not wanting to leave Forky behind were complex. And the movie showed us that being a lost toy wasn't the worst thing that could happen. Woody ultimately chooses to walk away. People imposing anti-nuclear arguments on the show are doing so on their own initiative, in order to denounce its supposed anti-nuclear stance. The series makes no stance on anything except the culture in the Soviet Union that prevented the true nature of the accident and its causes to be known until later than they should have been. If people want to act white knights for the truth about the nuclear power industry then their enthusiasm is misplaced with this dramatisation of what happened. Go and live there. View all replies >