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How come the cover art... The moral and ethical dilemmas in this film... Gotham looks like an Elstree soundstage/backlot Self sabotage? Attention seeking? Just plain , old, cranky and rich twerp? BKB : "Trump is evil" admits Trump bootlicker. Overrated Go Wook and go broke.. Underrated contributor No such things as a twister... If Carano is successful, it paves the way for deadbeats.. View all posts >


Like Trump? Yes I did. :D Yeah but he would prefer the world hears it only from him. So he sounds like he was handicapped. I wonder how much Trump will pay his lawyers to keep quiet when he claims later on to have been advised not to testify by his legal team. After Jaws' unprecedented success, Zanuck and Brown would have had fewer qualms about shooting the sequel to the biggest movie of all time on their own terms. Even shutting production down. But on the first movie, Zanuck and Brown were keen not to let The Sting seem like it was a fluke. Stumbling with a number one best seller property would have been a huge come down. The trouble with the production was bad enough publicity. Shutting down could have really tainted the film. Or worse. No matter how well intentioned it was. As David Brown tells it "If you let them take the film out the camera, you don't know if they'll ever let you put it back in again. Spielberg himself considered halting production for a while. Concerned that a half baked movie might harm his career. Zanuck and Brown were vehemently against it as it would result in everyone losing whatever confidence they had and the movie perhaps never getting restarted. Which would be especially harmful to everyone's careers. Ha ha! Who needs convincing? Your own OP is textbook "whataboutism". You tell me dumbass. tvfan (8706) 38 minutes ago "And some of those on the right are nothing but leftist fakes and impostors pretending to be on the right so they can convince gullible imbeciles of the same nonsense that you regurgitated." Not before you explain why you felt the need to refute "verification" claims I never cam close to making? Then why bring it up? And who said anything about verification? Not me. I'm talking about the reality TV level of PR management and the right's endless grovelling for parity of esteem. What "minorities"? The bad guys aren't even Americans in this movie so how can they be a minority? A minority where? View all replies >