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Sounds like you're just a crabbit auld cunt noo mate. No offence. But choosing to watch a film t some point in your life doesn't mean you're completely blowing your wad over it. Or even partly blowing it. It wasn't a foreign country. It was Jamaica. He's a Kiwi but he was born in Northern Ireland and lived there till his family moved when he was a boy. You can still detect a little bit of County Tyrone at times. Would Americans, rational Americans, accept a Jewish state in the USA/North America? There's a good video on youtube that covers what Fincher did leading up to Zodiac. Commercials and music videos - getting to grips with new (at the time) digital tools. Inappropriate Zodiac is one of the films of the century, in my opinion. And it came after a break from features. So I'm hoping the pattern is repeated. If he comes back with something as good as Zodiac, it will have been worth the wait. There's a disgusting soda bottle ashtray and the cigarettes are a generic brand, Morley. Sam is the most conspicuous smoker and he's a dick. The movie within the movie depicts smoking as a vice that's attractive to the immature. It's got nothing to do with PC culture. It's coroporate stupidity about how to be commercially a safe bet, which is similarly stupid to people who don't understand the purpose of PC in its proper context. It's like when the Beach Boys were banned from playing DC onth July because they were a "rock band" and all the hedonistic/satanic baggage that supposedly comes with that. View all replies >