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Stuff to notice... SPOILERS This was great. Well worth the wait. OT: Under The Silver Lake - by David Robert Mitchell, featuring Andrew Garfield Why Hollywood won't hire "X" Celebrity/Actor ... Mark Ronson was the DJ in Zoolander The score for this film Garbled and unintelligible lines Happy Birthday Doctor Who! This site does not permit you to protect your privacy.. Have you noticed?... View all posts >


I was disappointed to hear Mark say things like "Everybody is calling it Southland Tales... " and then suggesting he may go back and reevaluate It Follows. It certainly sounds like some critics like Kermode had preconceptions that weren't fulfilled. And seeing the jokes has never been his strong point really. Oh Bach "Komt Ihr Töchter"? What's that all about? "Contrapunctus"? What's wrong with Punctus? Bloody hipster. Don't get me started on Mozart, Louis Armstrong, Gershwin.... Had her own projects, ambitions and schedules. Most likely. Which Gretchen? No EPA agent messes with equipment they don't understand if they believe the equipment is hazardous, and don't know for certain that unqualified personnel shutting it down would not also be hazardous. The Art Of The Fugue and St Matthew Passion (Komt Ihr Töchter) aren't just music. They are keys which unlock the secrets and break boundaries of time and space. I would just watch a movie where a character played by Mark Rufallo thought he was Columbo. The same kind of device was used twice on Columbo. Another time was in Exercise in Fatality. "At no point did say it was a failure because I didn't buy it." Then why bring it up if it's got nothing to do with the discussion about TLJ being a failure. Goodbye. TLDR the rest. Oh you didn't buy it so that means it's a failure. Only 7.2 on IMDB you say. Well similarly scored films E.T. Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report all failed then. Perhaps you should get a different hobby besides mangling common sense to ensure the enhanced stature of your sore anus. View all replies >