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Why can't the T-800 self-terminate? What if it were a normal cop instead of Murphy? Tumbleweed... If this guy was around today... Why not just give them all black costumes? It makes no sense... Former GOP Senator arrested, faces felony charges for electoral fraud What do you think this is the Army, where you shoot'em a mile away? Didn't even know who Dylan Farrow was... Biden approval rate of 49% View all posts >


That would have been better than what we got. Show me where you think I said that Wow. That really exposes all the scaremongering about vaccines prior to this pandemic as being complete and utter bullshit. Not that this fudspreading about people dying from the vaccine isn't itself total bullshit. [quote]but that the person he had become, had INVALIDATED the stories of the first three movies.[/quote] Poppycock. He wasn't wallowing. He thought what he was doing was right. His judgement was clouded by shame at his failure and fear of repeated failure, sure. That doesn't invalidate shit. Just because you were a hotshot in your early twenties doesn't mean you should behave like in reaction to a tragedy involving a child in your family, like your son or your nephew. Especially when there are galaxy affecting consequences. Luke was there for two years in anguish at what had happened and how he could avoid making things worse. And then he responds after a day of persuasion and guilt tripping. Yoda sat on his as for twenty years for the sole purpose of waiting for the right time to train the boy (according to the prequels) then when Luke arrives he tells him he's too old and refuses to train him. The prequels INVALIDATED Yoda's reluctance to train Luke by telling us that the reason Yoda hid away and helped nobody was expressly so he would train Luke at the right time. [quote] Jedi are not meant to show and feel emotion as that could lead you to the dark side.[/quote] What complete nonsense. You're confusing Jedi with Vulcans. Not what you wanted I guess. But that doesn't make it bad writing. Yes. Not all. But some. VHS Or maybe Nimoy demonstrated the laserdics to them. The rest of us with a whole brain can make sense of the election result quite easily. You mean he would have gotten away with it if he hadn't said that. View all replies >