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I see this site is pushing Republican editorials now... Stuff to notice... SPOILERS This was great. Well worth the wait. OT: Under The Silver Lake - by David Robert Mitchell, featuring Andrew Garfield Why Hollywood won't hire "X" Celebrity/Actor ... Mark Ronson was the DJ in Zoolander The score for this film Garbled and unintelligible lines Happy Birthday Doctor Who! This site does not permit you to protect your privacy.. View all posts >


- TFA set up the following storylines. - Snoke to complete Kylo Ren's training. Luke and Rey meeting and what will happen next in that context. TLJ delivered both of them and more (like Rey being delivered to Snoke) and set up - Kylo Ren as the Supreme Leader for the near future - Rey as the last Jedi - The galaxy being inspired by Luke's heroism in a such a profound way that nobody anticipated Yeah you're right. We never hear any complaints about Star Wars. Why are those complaints not allowed? Quite honestly I've never seen GOT and it doesn't interest me. I've no opinions on the show. But the complexion of the complaints and the way they've come about is rather familiar. Yes. And? Tenant was Rose's GBF. People who use stupid fucking terms like "NuWho" aren't an authority on the show. No. She was good. They changed the course and other courses like it after that weekend. (Changes which would have prevented a car skating off a bend over gravel at top speed into a concrete wall in the first place ) And it set into motion the safety changes to cars which have brought us head height cockpit walls (which would have prevented Senna's death) and the halo. Two of the things which people complain ruin F1. Air travel hasn't died nor does it really suck just because people are restricted in bringing containers of liquid in their carry on. Kind of ironic that Senna's death was a product of all the things that people claim made F1 great and by their absence thereafter means F1 sucks. I don't think Brie has imposed what you should be interested in. She's highlighting that the demographic that sets the agenda for criticism isn't necessarily the same demographic as the audience. What makes you think they didn't think anyone would notice? View all replies >