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2002.... Really good adaptation... How do you get Lost In New York? Dagobah continuity error I see this site is pushing Republican editorials now... Stuff to notice... SPOILERS This was great. Well worth the wait. OT: Under The Silver Lake - by David Robert Mitchell, featuring Andrew Garfield Why Hollywood won't hire "X" Celebrity/Actor ... Mark Ronson was the DJ in Zoolander View all posts >


Who gives a fuck what Sky forewarn people about? Especially when the daily mail are the ones making a big deal our of it. Grow a set of Jewish/Latin balls. Retard. Who has the thin skin? The people who would like their football franchise to have a less insulting name to the people and culture which was virtually erased? Or the people taking offense at a name being changed to something more appropriate? Shot in the back. Taken to the hospital. Dead. On. Arrival. Laserdiscs existed in 87. These are just futuristic, miniaturised versions. Video CD ROM was also around at the time. At this rate folk will soon start believing its already happened. It's only a half a step up on the tragically deluded scale. Didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. So what. Millions and millions fewer than other countries. And even fewer in terms of % of population. The American economy was turned upside down by WWII for virtually nothing. Going by the lives vs economy logic. Doctors are mad at this lady's DIY heart surgery hack. View all replies >