Just as bad the first one.

I have no idea why this one got hyped up so much.
Most of us can agree that the first was pretty poor but I heard a lot of raving about this one, so I thought I would check it out...
Are you kidding me? lol
Is it just kids writing reviews or something?
I can't knock the acting or cinematography, that was all adequate, I guess.
But every single 'scare' was directive and predictable.
Not a single bit of tension.
The story was the same story we've seen done many times before.
Totally useless horror film.
Sorry guys.



IMO This was a far superior film and Horror movie to The first one....

Much better story and Much Better and building the environment for The scares....

The first movie IMO wasnt very good though


this was a lot scarier than the first one. that one was like Casper the friendly ghost by comparison.