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A must watch for gory horror fans. Does it get better? I wouldn't bother.. Damn good horror film. It's not the worst hellraiser film. If it were an all white cast... 8.7? Seriously? I liked the film. I've heard it's bad but.. Awesome horror film View all posts >


LetThemEatCake you've always been an idiot with awful taste in film but you're not going to watch a film because of one review you read online? Do you have the ability to form your own opinions? What kind of a moron are you? Any idea where I can watch 9th Circle? I saw the short film "Terrifier" and it was quite good....Now I really wanna see 9th Circle but can't find it anywhere. This is a huge improvement from All Hallow's Eve in terms of acting, production value and special effects. I downloaded it via torrent because I am a terrible person. The gore is what makes the film.....This is obviously a film for gore hounds, I'm not sure what you were expecting to be honest lol. Yeah, this one was awful. I'm quite surprised by the rating to be honest. It is not that bad at all. Certainly better than the last 3 or 4 Hellraiser films. Unfortunately though, the main issue (for me) with the film is pinhead. He just does not compare to Doug Bradley, in fact he almost seems like a gay man lol. Kind of like South Parks version of Satan. Oh is it? Well, thanks for correcting me..... LMAO a classic retard comment from LetThemEatCake View all replies >