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Should have been shot in native 3D

One thing I hate about 3D is that too many people think it's only for action or CGI family movies, but that's just unfair and it perpetuates this notion of 3D being solely a gimmick.

Here are other gimmicks:
-Stereo Sound, surround sound, etc
-Sound in general
-Moving pictures

All you need to tell a story are the words. A book. Everything else is a sensory gimmick.

And we enjoy stereo sound because we have two ears. Same reason stereoscopic visuals exist, because we have two eyes.

The shots in this movie would be stunning in 3D. The angles, the motion, the sets, the staging of the shots, those warped full-room shots... All of it. Great Gatsby was fantastic in 3D, hell even Dial M for Murder was shot that way.

I really want to see more serious, beautifully shot dramas in 3D. I know (James) Cameron is planning one, but it will be a while.

The Adjustment Bureau was another one that I thought would look amazing like that. Almost every shot would have benefited, but I noticed it mostly in two spots: A scene inside a bathroom with wooden walls, and when someone stepped through a doorway in a wall and emerged into an open space. The depth would really highlight that transition.

Oh and as for The Favourite... Loved it. Felt very Kubrickian.


YES! YES! THANK YOU! The only useful thought on this board. This is what I always say too. I love way you explained it!
It never occurred to me during the film, but now you've said it, you're absolutely right. Those indoor sets and low angle shots...

And Dial M for Murder is actually looking great in 3D. Try to get a copy of the Blu-ray, if you can!

Which Cameron are you referring to? Crowe? He's one of my Favorite.


James Cameron


I do have M for Murder on 3d blu ray, just havent watched the entire thing yet.

Definitely James Cameron


Ah, I just didn't think of James Cameron as a serious drama kinda guy... Unless he is producing.


Well dont forget Titanic... which I also have on 3d blu ray