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So Beautiful & So Dangerous (the one with the stoned aliens) I'm sure Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was heavily influenced by it. Visuals, designs, soundtrack, it's all there. I liked Taarna as well, and the episode with the WWII pilots. The noir part was okay too. I always jump when the raptor appears from behind the switchboard. Also the T-Rex breakout is extra tense with absolutely no music throughout the scene. Just noticed this thanks to HD: When Dodson gets out of the taxi, he leaves the door open, and the driver in the background walks around the car to close it and makes a funny pissed off "flipping" gesture behind Dodson as he leaves. Also a nice little detail thanks to the great HD sound: I realized that Nedry's Jeep has a canvas top. (The sound of the raindrops at the shot from inside the car when he finds the Diloph is in with him) Hell or high water. Waaaay better. Actually, the best within these themes. Out of the Furnace is a big fat nothing next to it. It was just a shot establishing that we are in a crime lab. But yeah, it was very off starting a scene with that shot... That was a very helpful answer, thank you! It was never clear to me in these movies. Coming from Europe, it is very mixed how it dealt with in different countries. So, during the times of the Draft, it was a certain age limit, and they drafted everyone beyond that, no matter what? Or they had like a certain criteria and tests (mental and physical) that had to be passed? How hard was it to qualify? Say anything Ferris Bueler's day off Can't hardly wait Breakfast Club Reality Bites Dazed and confused Empire Records Perks of being a wallflower Papertowns Series: Freaks and Geeks Everything Sucks He did it with Looper too. So it's a thing now. The ball was the thread of the side story of Don Johnson's cheating. Started out in the father's hand at the beginning, when he revealed his knowledge, then Don Johnson threw it out when he thought it's not a problem any more. Went to places throughout the movie, but always been there. And at the end it got to Linda, who knew where its place is, put it back where it belonged, and she was the only one who knew how to read the letter. It was nice little active metaphor, I loved it. I highly recommend the "male version", The Legends of the Fall Cold Mountain The House of Spirits (family period drama from the 90s, Winona Ryder also featured, although it sets in South America) Fried Green Tomatoes (maybe it's the furthest of all, but Little Women reminded me it also. Much much lighter tone, sets the the 1920s Alabama, also very female centered) View all replies >