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That is so cool. I will definitely check it out when I have a chance! So how was it? Still the same as in the movie after 15 years? Yep I meant the same movie ;) Hey thanks for the review! I've seen the Orient Express movie, production design was great on that one! I'll check them all out! Should have been scarier! I especially loved the ending, the tone would have been somewhere there for the entire movie. It's a horror/monster universe after all. But I think their aim was to do something like the Pirates of the Caribbean series (wich I absolutely love, but just doesn't fit the subject here) So how good those special features were? Were they worth the buy? Being a filmmaking buff myself, I sometimes buy movies just for the special features alone. Are they not to commercial in tone? Oh, wow! I like that idea. Yes, this was very clear to me (who lived in this system) pretty early, when she called some high tavarish a shoe factory worker, that this did not happened for sure. The character being a woman itself was suspicious, that she's not real. But there's NO WAY she could get away with that comment without being sent to hard labor to Syberia right away, or any immediate retaliation. Oh, I'm so mad about this part. It was a cheap tool to get even more shock from the viewer. Apparently, it worked like magic. We understand by then that they slaughtering the pets who are hungry and happy to see a human. We see them doing it. We see them shooting the cute ones too. They showing a mercy kill by then as well. At this point we logically know yes they're probably killing puppies too. OF COURSE they have to show it... OF COURSE the rookie is the one who's gotta do it... OF COURSE he can't do it... OF COURSE the older soilder does it... of course it's off screen (for the good taste, luckily) Aahhh, such cliche!!! So not fit in this show! They could at least learn pronouncing the names correctly in Russian, and not using the English accents in the names like "Di-atlov". That was a great idea that they left the news, announcements, written text on anything in Russian, so they should made an effort learning the names right without accents... The full English language doesn't bother me, would have been much worse in English with just Russian accents. That's hard to maintain all the way through for all the actors without become a parody. Going full Russian would have been a long shot commercially, they had to draw a line somewhere. View all replies >