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A Monster Calls Pan's Labyrinth Thelma Maleficent On a lighter tone: Son of Rambow Hunt for the Wilderpeople A Monster Calls Pan's Labyrinth Hunt for the Wilderpeople Son of Rambow Thelma Nothing to add. Just wanted to upped it on the board. Very useful comment. The original Infernal Affairs movies are highly recommended! Dude... Watch the original! Called Infernal Affairs, especially the first one. The Departed is a remake of all the 3 Infernal Affairs movies. ...and one cool opening title. But that's just about it :( But I don't see the 3D version anywhere :((( "Ah, well. I’m going to see it in 3D again before it leaves the big screen." You probably just answered the question why they're dropping the 3D format for home releases :( I recommend Raw. Not sure about the gay part though... But the rest fits the requirements Not true. It's about one and a half hour. Being an artist myself I can understand the artistic choice: the characters are creatures of the night, and daylight is to bright for them, and this story is from their POW. On the technical side, this makes the club scenes pop much more as it's very colorful and contrasting, there is so filter used. So when you see a filtered, burned out scene for 5-10 minutes and change into a club scene, your eyes will love the colors more. Makes you love the dance scenes better on a subconscious level. I usually like Soderbergh's filter obsessions but this particular filter (it's bright green actually, with burned out white levels) a bit over the top for my taste, especially for this kind of theme. View all replies >