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Not true. It's about one and a half hour. Being an artist myself I can understand the artistic choice: the characters are creatures of the night, and daylight is to bright for them, and this story is from their POW. On the technical side, this makes the club scenes pop much more as it's very colorful and contrasting, there is so filter used. So when you see a filtered, burned out scene for 5-10 minutes and change into a club scene, your eyes will love the colors more. Makes you love the dance scenes better on a subconscious level. I usually like Soderbergh's filter obsessions but this particular filter (it's bright green actually, with burned out white levels) a bit over the top for my taste, especially for this kind of theme. Well I think she actually gouge the eyes out of the kids in the book... They just didn't wanted to put this in the film because it would be to much for the main character. Audience won't rooting for her. Somebody can confirm this from the book? YES, thank you! That's the answer I wanted to write. Art always have to reflect the views of the artist! No matter what they are, you can disagree with it, but art is a channel of the problems of society! It has to be! If it's not, the world is f*cked! Because it starts conversations... This is also the main reason why oppressing governments restricting arts as a first act... Movies are just another art form. As you mentioned, even entertaining movies have these "agendas". They're still art! The shooting in the air screaming scene was embarrassing enough. Adding "vaya con dios" would be worse. Although there WAS a great opportunity to put the line in, I was expecting it too. It seems that they couldn't even f*ck this movie up properly :D ...and that scene right after it. In the park with Sofia. That's the only scene I just cannot place in anywhere in the movie. They ment to be there. It's a creative decision, an artistic tool, part of visual storytelling. And adding to that, the flashback story starts '78 or '79, which sets the Mamma Mia! (2008) around 1998. It's off in many ways :) Out of Sight! It's totally made like its prequel. Oh, I love this! I recognized the similarities in Jeffrey Jones characters, but I stopped there. (It's not really the characters, but the way Jones plays them, that's very similar) View all replies >