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it just looks that way b/c of his hair loss since BB ended Finally over. I hope they get back on track after this dud of a season -- but it might get cancelled after the huge ratings drop off. Peter Dinklage in the trenchcoat Unlike most, I'm more surprised at the domestic performance than the foreign. It's in the The Bronx "essentially every home had a VCR and a mountain of tapes to accompany it." In the 70s? No way. I lived it -- in the NYC/metro area, too. You were bleeding edge with money to spare if you had one. Not to mention mountains of tapes. I'm not too far from 1 of the 3 theaters. I may have to venture out. for 3 screens? not small at all. that average is insane for that type of film. I didn't say anything about "inherent" as intrinsic. Like many, you can hold certain views while expressing other views that are inconsistent with the first. And there's a difference between saying, "You're such a downer. Cheer up. Things aren't that bad!" vs. "You're such a downer. Now you've made me feel that way too." You talk about a certain attitude here. There's something else that often goes along with that same negative attitude. That's the idea that all these outside forces are "making you" this or that. So what's actually concerning you here? You say it's about what "people choose to do or reach for in any given situation". Doesn't that apply to what you choose to do or reach for in this situation? You must have a little of that in you already to be "involuntarily" sucked in. No one is making you feel differently. They don't have that power. Using your logic, why don't you rub off on them? Why don't you motivate them instead of you being de-motivated by them? You must agree on some level or you'd be immune. They're just connecting with something already in you. If you're not really convinced of your own views, avoid them -- but if you are, they should be unable to "make you feel the same way" as they do. View all replies >