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it depends on the player, but I disagree with what you say your friend says. And most don't hear it b/c of their own shortcomings -- ie, an average ear or worse. I've known players who try to hide there but others who were drawn to the sound b/c they are more sensitive to it than the average listener. So I'd never make your "expert"'s assumption. Two of the finest musicians I know focused on bass (one went to Julliard, the other received a scholarship to another school). Bass spoke to them at a young age when most hear nothing. Yeah, we were writing at the same time. So much for us colluding. If I had known, I wouldn't have bothered since you would've already answered to what I was bringing up. Must be some sophisticated sock scheme you have going here. Maybe bill can PM Norrin and the others to come up with a better lie than the one he took FIVE MONTHS to formulate. I saw his pic. That could easily be for a Halloween parade at the kid's school. If it isn't, and there's so little parking, that cars are on grass and dirt, and it's that long of a convention, it would be on the master calendar of all these events. Nothing that he describes matches the dates or level of event. And I'm sure he's adding weeks to cover for the 2nd MIA. Whenever he's missing it'll be forever due to some neverending convention that he'll never name to any soul ever. It's the liar's problem, you have to lie again to cover the prior lie. Hold on. You're biting on that? Here are the problems with what he said. I think I've replied to bill 3x TOTAL. My first interaction with him was when he blindsided me with one of his long screeds to some innocuous comment I made to someone else (not you). THAT was what made me pay attention to his posts a little more going forward. I jumped in ONCE but I didn't go back and forth with him, and only a little with you, but a lot with NorrinRad (who laughed off when I spoke about this little gang which follow you -- which bill just admitted are 2 of the people in his PM history -- gee, I wonder why he'd be talking to "the mediator" and the other name I couldn't think of the other day, ranmast -- "collusion" perhaps?). Other than ONE post asking for that proof, and ONE post the other day, I haven't shown up at all. So when it comes to these volleys... Bill and you are tied for first NorrinRad is second. furiousstyles, ranmast, etc are next and I'm a DISTANT LAST. The idea I "always" show up to support you is absurd. I don't participate 95% of the time. The next problem is this: After I asked him ONCE, you've been bringing me up EVER SINCE -- for MONTHS -- over and Over and OVER, but he never answered about me specifically until NOW?!?! You're not blocked. Why not give that same explanation the first time you mentioned me 5 months ago? Or ALL those times in between?? What took so long??? The answer is easy. He came up with another lie NOW to cover for the old lie. He saw me accept the offer. I know this b/c he disappeared again right after I did. I know this b/c he ignored any reference you made to "dmac asked" from Oct until NOW -- all to continue to avoid providing proof we know he doesn't have. The time to tell you I was blocked, if I was blocked, was BACK THEN. But he went MIA AGAIN instead. It took 5 months for him to revise "I wont give proof to Queen" into "I won't give proof to Queen -- ummm, errr -- or to his troll dmac who I blocked long ago". BS It was great for the first few seasons -- but it suffered from last season-itis, with a lower production budget, and eye-rolling wrap-ups for too many characters that deserved more. HBO and the showrunner were moving on to Vinyl (which was cancelled after 1 season) so they bailed on Boardwalk Empire. She better tell Cory woof Vocals - Robert Plant Lead guitar - Eddie Van Halen Rhythm guitar - James Hetfield Bass - Billy Sheehan Drums - Neil Peart Fast Times. No brainer. I sold my love removal machine on eBay. View all replies >