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I finally I saw it Finally got around to this one Easily 1st Ep of S2 Season 2 First ep was not He and Weiss A little disappointing. Hmmm... View all posts >


1. Day Lewis 2. De Niro 3. Pacino 4. Oldman 5. Nicholson 6. Brando Tough call when you factor in the decline that dragged some of them down eh, depends on who you are. when certain athletes are caught, it gets buried. There was rampant cheating (including Carl Lewis). But it was the fans who were robbed. The Enhanced Olympics has been in existence for a long time. As if there's no science to reaching the limits of human performance? And if you don't think there's cheating to gain an edge at the Olympics, when the stakes are so high, I have a bridge to sell you. Wake up and resent the corruption that disrespects the spirit of the Olympics in the current games. I didn't like the first film, so if this is worse... And Bill Hader always seems like Bill Hader in his movie roles. I like Barry as a show but Bill Hader's performance has never convinced me that he's a hitman. Maybe he stretched in this one. what are your suggestions? when you bloom is when you bloom. late or early or on time is just a societal label that's always changing anyway. and realize that living your life to attain the approval of others is a poor strategy for happiness. so make sure your concerns about closing in on 40 are actually yours and not concerns about what others might think or say about the same. they don't deserve any real estate in your mind. iow, The Olympics false dilemma Popular? No. Critical acclaim? Yes. They don't tick off the demos that make for big box office. No kids, not many women, mostly older males, go. See for yourself what raked in 1990: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/yearly/chart/?yr=1990&p=.htm Goodfellas finished at 26th -- behind a Steven Segal movie and Look Who's Talking Too View all replies >