Expectations & Analysis

After viewing the trailer from Godzilla King of the Monsters about almost two months ago during SDCC 2018, fans alike are waiting the most anticipated film Godzilla King of the Monsters. So here are my Expectations and Analysis

Expectations: Seeing more monsters from the series into the new era

Analysis: What Dr. Serizawa doesn't know other creatures are out their in our world

Expectations: More Godzilla appearance and filled with action packed like no other monster film has before in cinema history

Analysis: What role will Mille, Kyle and Vera has in store for us that ties connection with Monarch and the US Government


I think you're taking this film a little too seriously.

Expecatations: Fun!

Analysis: cool monsters!

Um, that's all you can really hope for, in a Godzilla film.


I'm looking forward to the movie. My only concern is that they might go overly elaborate with the plot. They need to keep it simple.
More monster fights for sure! Loved seeing G smack down the Mutos in the first movie.


One does not simply not take a monster/Godzilla movie too seriously. ;)

And besides fun and more monsters, the battles in the movie being epically good would be a good thing. But gotta lower those expectations a little; as long as there is more action and monsters (and it does look that way), that should be cool enough.