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Not much journalistic investigation went into this documentary So I'm watching this on Hulu... Good documentary movie but I had one major issue with it. So is this worth watching? If you've ever read the book by David Brin, you will realize that Costner made a decent film from a terrible story. Very dark but compelling show Are they wanting to make it look and feel like DUNE? Why the MCU's Falcon is wrong about his racism charge against Marvel. A story of unintended consequences with a happier ending A once great critic site that compromised their integrity View all posts >


Just now reading this and what a unique visual style this person created. Sorry to realize they had passed away. I was thinking the same thing. From the quick glimpse they gave in the trailer, it looks like Hush. Agreed! When you get to those last few minutes and discover that the doctor knew all the time, it makes you fight back tears. Such a moving moment and a perfect ending to a superb movie! If it's anything like the last two seasons of Black Mirror, then I'll pass. Whoa... I thought this movie would suck but come one, Shazam was a good superhero movie! At least I enjoyed it. The only reason Shazam didn't make more at the box office is because WB released it between Infinity War and Endgame. Everyone was watching what the MCU was doing then. If WB had released it later - like the early Fall of 2019 - Shazam would have done much better. Aquaman made over a billion dollars and Shazam is a better movie than Aquaman. Just saying. As for Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn (or whatever the heck they ended up entitling it), it was a movie that should have never been made. I like that synopsis. Information is power. Yeah, Brin is a pretty weird guy. I think he thinks of himself as some futuristic hippie. I've also never read anything else he wrote after reading The Postman. It just reminds us of what separates really good science fiction from really bad science fiction. For every Orson Scott Card or Ray Bradbury, there are literally hundreds of David Brins! It is 2020 and the SJW army is at it, so your description wouldn't surprise me one bit. Let's hope that NEVER happens! I really enjoyed TBH as a kid and it's still an entertaining movie to watch. It's no "hard Sci-Fi" on the level of Interstellar or Moon but it's still better than much of what passed for the genre in the late 70's. People forget that the 70's gave us classics like Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, Logan's Run and of course Star Wars: A New Hope. The 70's also gave us the original Battlestar Galactica, which I still treasure. I think people are confusing nepotism with racism. There's certainly a distinction. I viewed (not exactly incorrectly) Vetiver's original comment as a personal attack. If the point you are making is that people favor people they know via a professional network, then you can make that argument for every profession. I see your point though and appreciate the politeness of it. In the end, I still don't believe Mackie is being fair but that's his issue. View all replies >