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Interesting you mention Falcon and Winter Soldier. Since they ran commercials back during the Super Bowl, there's been nothing else online about it and I've heard no discussions on the show. Is it not trending well with viewers? I haven't seen any of the Disney Plus shows that Marvel has but then I found the Phase IV announcements to be underwhelming. The only items that got my attention were the next Doctor Strange movie and the animated "What If" series. I agree. BVS was absolutely abysmal. Why someone would want more of that in a revised Justice League is beyond my cognitive ability to understand. Because "suggesting" those characters can't be female as easily as male is clearly ignoring the fact that the characters are specifically described as HE not SHE in Asimov's books. Your argument is pure SJW dribble. I often wondered why Marvel's editors make some of the choices they make. Your explanation reveals a lot of what's wrong with comics since the early 2000's. Give me the 80's and 90's comics all over again. I'd spend hours laying around during a rainy Saturday, comic books spread across the floor. The stories then were good, the artwork was fun to look at and the characters had believable motivations. I can't even pick up a modern comic book without being hit with social messaging and treated to nonsensical plot twists. It's sad what the industry has become. I know some people who liked BVS and I know more who didn't like BVS. Count me in the latter category. BVS was a giant mashup, trying to be too many things and failing to be one single thing. It's possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. The blame can be shared between Zach Snyder for poor storytelling and WB for not having a definitive plan when they started their cinematic universe. Given this, I'm surprised that so many have been hollering from the metaphorical peaks, demanding that they get another BVS type movie in a revised Justice League. It's perplexing. He'd be good as the Spiderman villain Slide. He was a minor villain but a cool one. A laid-off chemist who designed a nonstick frictionless solution that he applied to a suit. It gave him the ability to zip around corners and dodge and dunk his way out of trouble. He used the suit to rob mob banks in order to finance further research and get revenge on the crime boss who raided his company and laid him off. Indeed. I hear the new Disney CEO, Bob Chapek wants to get the movies away from wokeness and SJW influences. He's smart. He understands math when looking at the receipts! :) And don't forget how bad Solo bombed. It was the first SW movie to not make a profile. What did they expect with a pan-sexual Lando and an SJW droid! If you had told me years ago that Star Wars would end up as a failed franchise, I would have laughed. I'm not laughing now. It makes me mad. Instead of the writers, producers and even some actors calling out lifelong fans and disparaging them as "misogynists" or "man babies" or worse, they might have listened and learned something. Too late now for some of those fans as they aren't coming back. If the MCU isn't careful, they will suffer the same fate. Nobody I know gives a rats ass about stupid characters like Squirrel Girl or Ms. Marvel. And just why is it ripe for gender swapping? It's never been made into a movie or show before. Shouldn't we get an authentic FOUNDATION before SJW's start prying it apart in future interpretations? And it would make a huge difference to those who've read and love the books. I'm betting if Asimov was alive, he would likely agree. Have you read the books? If not, how can you say it's ripe for gender swapping? That's not even a credible argument. I grew up seeing the Star Wars OT in movie theaters. New Hope and Empire are still some of the best Sci-Fi movies ever made and Return was at least entertaining, albeit a lesser exciting movie than the first two. The prequels were hit-and-miss but the Mandalorian is great. If Disney keeps putting out content like Mandalorian, they'll win the fans back. View all replies >