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I don't agree with the conclusion. Queen Brie got paid 5 million for her first appearance in the MCU. Chris Hemsworth got something in the range of 150 thousand for his first appearance. They had a story out about it during the lull between Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. There is no glass ceiling in Hollywood, just the name you have that's either (currently) big in people's minds (like Kevin Feige's for instance) or you're just kind of known. For whatever reason, Feige and people at Marvel think Queen Brie hung the Moon. Based on what I've seen of her performances, I'm trying to figure if they've seen something the rest of us haven't seen. A tree stump has more acting charisma. Just saying. LOL!!! Thank you! I finally saw that it came out and I watched the entirety of Season 2 in about a day. It took long enough! Now I guess I have to wait nearly another 2.5-3 years for Season 3. What a show though! It's such a big moment. Very, very happy for the MCU! And this crowning as the #1 all time movie wasn't due to Endgame alone. It was due to 11 years of tireless world building, good storytelling and fine casting. Great job Kevin Feige and to all the men/women who helped make this happen. I don't blame Affleck, just like I don't hold Cavill or Gal Gadot responsible for the Hindenburg that was BVS. However I hardly think Affleck was "the best" Batman, as some have argued. I'll take Michael Keaton's and Christian Bale's performances over Affleck's. I don't care as I really don't like Agents of Shield. Netflix's Marvel shows - Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders were all far superior to any season of Agents of Shield. It's a true loss that they got cancelled, even though we are getting a Jessica Jones, Season 3. Maybe they gave Agents of Shield a different timeline so they can finally kill the show. Good riddance, I say. With Disney though, who knows? I am so happy to see someone post this because I've NEVER understand the hate for this movie. When it came out, it seemed that all the critics wanted to pout about was that Bryan Singer didn't direct it. And while I'm not a huge fan of Brett Ratner, he did a fine job with this movie. Hell, the script he used was 2/3rds written before he even took charge of the project! The other constant (and stupid) bitching used about this movie, is the tired "there's not enough character development" line. The two previous movies gave us ample character development. If they spent time on developing a background story on every mutant, these movies would be 4 hours long! What we needed in the third X-Men movie was some kick-ass battles, which we got! I loved how Magneto finally got unleashed in this movie and got to show what a powerful badass he can be and the whole Dark Phoenix storyline was fine. By the way, Ian McKellan is still the best Magneto, in my view. People need to get a grip! Not every X-Men movie is going to be X-2, just like every Batman movie isn't going to be The Dark Night, or every Star Wars movie isn't going to be The Empire Strikes Back. X-3: The Final Stand was a solid, enjoyable movie with great action and a decent story. It could beat Avatar but it might come up short. Whether it does or not, no one can deny it will likely hold the status of highest grossing superhero movie for a long time. I still think it will beat Avatar though. I sadly have to agree. It's the worst MCU movie, in my estimation. Whedon just "phoned it in" so to speak and the personality of Ultron is just far to comical to take him seriously as a mega villain. I'm so grateful they replaced Whedon with the Russo brothers! Interesting question. Who knows? I believe that the Disney/Marvel will have to do some essential things to ensure the continuation of the franchise success. Here are my bullet points for them: 1. Have a blueprint going forward - Choose what direction the franchise should go now, like Feige has done so well before 2. Good and fresh storytelling - They still have great characters (ex-Guardians, BP, Doc Strange), just need good scripts 3. Create some new twists - Perhaps surprising the audience more with unexpected but welcome story swerves 4. Stay away from social issues - It's a recipe for disaster if the MCU bows to the SJW crowd. Keep your fan base united 5. Continue to make good casting choices - overall the MCU has done a great job here, with only a few missteps Now given everything I've outlined here, I think the biggest hole the MCU will have to fill is the departure of Robert Downey Junior. He has been - hands down - the soul of the MCU and they are going to have to make sure he's replaced with a strong actor/actress who can carry a franchise the way he did. Let's face it, nobody is like RDJ. He ate up every second of screen time in all the movies (10 where he played either Iron Man, Tony Stark or both) and had a presence that no other character has had. The need to choose wisely in this regard. Even with everything, it will be very hard to reel off another 22 movie franchise that has had this much success, even if you call it a continuation of the MCU but man... what a freaking ride!!! View all replies >