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yet another Peter Pan film in production

What is it with this shit? Every couple of years there's another about something new? The English are obsessed with this character. Fucking sick of hearing about JM Barrie.


almost as bad as a King Arthur or Robin Hood Movie


I dunno why they always make those movies. I would say, though, that most versions suck, including this one. I can't believe how overdone it was and how much it sucked as a prequel to the actual Peter and Wendy story.

It did remind me of the way they remade The Three Musketeers, it was also overdone and ridiculous. In fact, it also kind of reminded me of the way the last Arthur movie, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, was overdone and ridiculous.

They spend so much money on those movies yet they could not come up with any good stories so they just let them overflow with stupid fluff. I saw the Pan movie, but honestly it was a complete waste of time.

Ps. they used some image of Hang En (cave opening shot) in Vietnam, but that location is not in the IMDB filming locations.