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It most definitely will now, probably tomorrow! It had an inexplicably strong international week/end - or it seems so, because it's now at over 912 million international, so it made 36 million since last update(!) the BO run is not finished at all for this movie. Not any more! Wrong movie! So sad, didn't expect that, but apparently she was ill for a while. RIP Some of us cannot access that article! You may have had a point, but you just included the opinion of two non-scientist politicians among the "opinions" by scientists who potentially could be wrong. That's one thing I don't get, why For a Few Dollars More is so revered. Both that movie and A Fistful of Dollars quite more primitive than tGtB&tU, which seems far more perfected in both story and cinematography. I guess For a Few Dollars More is more of a true western, while tGtB&tU is is an epic Odyssey and a war movie, quite different from the previous films - in many ways it has more in common with Apocalypse Now. In a way, it is a lot more similar to the Snow Queen than the first, due to the quest to the north. When she met him in the train, I just expected it to be him, it reminded me of Charade. As it moved along I got more and more certain. View all replies >