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Nobody! Some kids will be disappointed. 25 M on BO for such a famous character - nuff said. They made Teenage Tomb Raider instead of Dora. I totally agree, unlike many people here, I think the movie is vastly superior to the book. I used to be an avid King reader (but not his biggest fan ;-) and I don't find Misery the book that good. The movie really works as a movie; if they had included all the gore, it would become like last house on the left and other slasher movies, except four hours long. Instead they made it more psychological and a lot more suspenseful. A direct adaptation would have been difficult to take seriously, to me it would've been campy, but instead the movie feels realistic, like "this could really happen in real life". Someone mentioned Pet Sematary - it's the opposite case of this, a book with a great deal of atmosphere made into a campy slasher movie - in that case the book is extremely vastly superior. Not all books work as movies, but Misery does, not because what it kept from the book, but because of what it changed. It's NOTHING like mystery men. It's just a completely different movie, the story is totally different. It's not even conceptually similar in any way, shape or form. "Super Villain destroys the Super Hero and feels let down." This is not what happens in Mystery Men at all. Did you even watch the movie? But the again, if this is from IMDB, I guess you may never see this? I really wonder about that too, they're just too similar conceptually, and it is a very unusual concept. When I watched Inside Out it reminded me of this movie instantly. Well, there's already an adult version, it's called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask. It's a Woody Allen movie. She knew it because she saw it when she dived among the stingy jellyfish. This happens right after the shark is repulsed by the jellyfish. The camera showed that she looked at the anchor of the buoy. On the other hand, it wasn't clear to me why it laid on its side, since the anchor is not what keeps a buoy upright. I kind of agree with this, it seems like an unnecessary movie. The third movie wrapped it up very nicely and Pixar should have moved on to some other story. I dunno why they always make those movies. I would say, though, that most versions suck, including this one. I can't believe how overdone it was and how much it sucked as a prequel to the actual Peter and Wendy story. It did remind me of the way they remade The Three Musketeers, it was also overdone and ridiculous. In fact, it also kind of reminded me of the way the last Arthur movie, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, was overdone and ridiculous. They spend so much money on those movies yet they could not come up with any good stories so they just let them overflow with stupid fluff. I saw the Pan movie, but honestly it was a complete waste of time. Ps. they used some image of Hang En (cave opening shot) in Vietnam, but that location is not in the IMDB filming locations. Affleck is pretty tall, I doubt Pattison is taller. I thought it was great. In fact much better than the other movies people mention in the comments here, including you, perhaps except Toy Story. Best cartoon from Disney/Pixar since Toy Story III. But that's just my opinion. If it pleases you it's now at 8.4. View all replies >