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When she met him in the train, I just expected it to be him, it reminded me of Charade. As it moved along I got more and more certain. It should be pretty straightforward, but let me translate: "In the movie "You Were Never Really Here ", he looked like Mel Gibson." I dunno if this was written on IMDB or not, but anyway: "That's too imaginative a interpretation." No it is not, it's a perfectly sound interpretation and was also what I thought pretty early on in the movie, especially when we hear the press clip about an insane criminal hitting people with a wrench. All it asks is: what would happen if a person really did this, how would he be seen, how would it act out? As the OP wrote:"the whole point of the movie was to juxtapose your typical fantasy superhero movie with what it would actually look like if someone dressed up in a silly costume and tried to fight crime" See, he didn't say anything like "what it would actually look like if some comic book fan got inspired by their obsession and dressed up in a silly costume and tried to fight crime". "Who is Batman? He's a criminal. He's outside the law. He beats down people (like Arthur) who are just tired of being ignored. Maybe he's doing some kind of right, some kind of good, but..." I'd say this is far more of a theme in the movie "Super" from 2010. Well, maybe Carnival of Souls is a bit similar, but actually Jacob's Ladder was inspired by a much older story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, which is a very short story in comparison. There are a lot of other themes in Jacobs Ladder, it is not a straight copy of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, and certainly not Carnival of Souls. This could partially be because new countries opened, as international markets don't always have the same opening weekend as the US. For example, the potentially big markets of Germany and France opened 10 & 9 October, respectively. However that remains to be seen when BO Mojo update the international numbers for individual countries. Many men have been rejected by some woman at some point. Doesn't make them involuntarily celibate, it's just some bullshit teen angst crap. How can an Incel be involuntarily celibate if they choose to be Incel? Anyone can write anything on the internet and the stupidest thing you can do is taking it seriously - that's how you end up like that shooter, if you take it seriously just because some chick rejected you(I don't mean you, as in you personally). What you just wrote proves my point in some way: it's just some made up internet label. The problem only exists because some people take the meme seriously. It's complete and utter bullshit. However, you use it as if it's actually something which exists, as if it's an appropriate label to use, which again shows that it has gone from sub-forum obscurity to mainstream use - on the internet and especially in Forum discussions. Otherwise tell me how it is relevant to this movie? How is Arthur an Incel? Does he participate in internet forums and describe himself as Arthur the Incel? Or do you believe that men become violent monsters just because some woman rejected their advances, lol. It's just yet another bullshit internet label used to insult people. Apparently some people, especially Americans, like to label each other with the purpose of insulting, especially when they discuss on the internet, where people also have started to use the term Gay as a general insult, for example. This was never so when the net was primarily used by businesses and universities, it has been downgraded by juvenilia since around the new millennium. Back in the nineties I also never saw the use of "would of", I was actually pretty confused when I first saw that, but people from non-English speaking countries now copy this just because they copy American English thinking that must be the way to communicate on the Net. That in combination with so called memic and viral spreading of often short lived terms make people use such terms. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with US America or Americans, but because the US is dominant on the net, and communication just so happens to be in English, the terminologies usually spread from there. Since the net became a place for everybody, it also allowed people of a young age to participate in discussions on the net and wild spread of stupid insults is the result, because they tend to be quick to copy new trends. So, basically it does not matter what "Incel" means, it's just yet another tool in internet discussions. It's what you use when you have no real argument in a discussion, and as such is an ad hominem, which is a desperate attempts at a come back against a superior argument. Basically anyone who uses these kind of words in a discussion, whether on Movie Chat or other places, have already lost the argument, similar to Godwin's law. Unfortunately as the press people also read the internet bullshit, they are influenced by this. Basically journalists in their thirties are influenced by ten-year-olds on the net. Nobody! Some kids will be disappointed. 25 M on BO for such a famous character - nuff said. They made Teenage Tomb Raider instead of Dora. View all replies >