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I though the first two episodes were the best, the last was the weakest. What I disliked about the last is that one one hand they tried to tie up all the loose ends, but also they seems to have chosen to make it a bit open ended so the story could potentially continue. It was also veering into being a bit preachy and heavy handed towards the end. I personally hate endless tv serials. I know they are popular, but to me it just becomes an endless repeat of the same old, same old. So I had wanted a definite conclusion (this was promoted as a mini-series) without the unlikely "heroism" of the last episode. It just became evil vs good in a stereotypical way in that episode, and there were just way to many tropes and cliches going on. It also came across to me as quite naive and not very dramatic. Some of the stuff was interesting and food for thought, but some of the other, towards the end, was not thought through and cliche, in my opinion. Early peak, I agree, in Dark Angel. "Of" comes from the pronunciation. It is people who cannot spell, but who spells phonetically. Would've sounds like "would of", when it is pronounced. Not to mention the description IN the movie of cave madness, foreshadowing the whole rest of the movie. I don't care about the theories of what her friends represent, but she certainly is completely mad at the end of the movie, there can be no doubt about that. Whether there even is a cave we cannot know, whether there are creatures and if the cave exists, what exactly happened there? We cannot know. However, there's a madness theme going on throughout the movie, including the "descent" title itself. It's not a cop out ending "it was all her imagination", because it is not really explained, all we know is that she is completely insane and delusional. Loads of element of the movie leads up to that conclusion, like all the points you make. I see this as kind of an unreliable narrator type thing, just it is the director here instead who is deliberately unreliable. That's why we see things that she doesn't see, so we can think that the creatures really exist. So there are many possibilities- the whole movie could have happened as we saw it, but she still became insane at the end - or it could all be her insanity playing out (As I said then we cannot know what actually happened) and everything in between. In some way, that may be true, but in my opinion it's the opposite. Armageddon is just a ridiculous movie full of ridiculous movie tropes and impossibilities. It's like one big joke movie. It has some annoying aspects, but overall it does not pretend to be what it is not. It is s stupid spectacle of a movie, with no regard to reality. Deep impact, however, is a sappy emotional story pretending to be based in reality. In truth, there's nothing realistic about it, it is not anywhere as rooted in reality as its seems to pretend to be. It also mostly disregard the story it was originally based on, which is far superior - and completely different. In that story it is an act of terrorism. Some absurdities in Deep Impact: The low passing of a mile wide fragment of a comet, right above people to no ill effect (a huge difference from the book). The ridiculous dip The time which goes between the two fragments hit earth - how is that supposed to happen? They should hit simultaneously or at least one of them would miss (as in the book). It is the same comet but split. They either hit or they pass. Not only do the comet do that, but at the end, they "explode" the larger comet so that it becomes small objects which "burn" in the atmosphere. Which actually in reality would have created the same overall effect as if it would have hit as one single piece, so they actually failed. At least in Armageddon, as stupid as that movie might be, they made the asteroid split and miss earth. Both movies suffer from the trope of having first a "precursor" asteroid hit, with the main destroyer coming in later. Which makes no sense in reality. But it's just a personal opinion. Disappointing, - I was rooting for DJ Qualls, a much better fit. It's an old plot, not invented by Get Out. You're right that the social chaos would be insane, considering how it has been during Corona. However, it is the prolonged duration of the pandemic which is the biggest problem for society, it's even been artificially increased via the precautions. The Contagion disease would have been dramatically easier to contain. In the movie it has very high infection rates, but the fast death would exactly make it possible to contain it. It is different with Corona because some people have very mild symptoms or not at all, and it has a long incubation time for some people. This makes it very difficult to contain. It's obvious he shows no remorse whatsoever. He tells them that he does, sure, at the same time when he also tells them that they will be rescued. However, none of that is true at all, because he has not sent any message and he want to kill it himself. His motivation is to avoid lawsuits, which he directly tells one of the others. Gotta return to this thread now that I cannot go to the cinema. It is in fact not the highest grossing animated release, because that is the Lion King (2019). View all replies >