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How can people deny it. Open your eyes. The weather's gone bloody mental. I'm in Ireland and it's actually sunny and hot during our summers now. Was never like that for the first 30 years of my life. We're not prepared for proper heat as practically nobody has AC. Then in the winter there's storm warnings every week. I'm not political or interested in this left or right stuff but I can tell the weather is altering dramatically and quickly. Heck I'd love to be proved wrong but it's kind of like one of disaster movies where the warnings are unheeded at the start of the movie. I thought it was funny. I laughed out loud. It's called a joke AmeriGirl. Being an American and also a girl probably makes humour like that incomprehensilbe for you. Loosen up. She's autistic too which to the common man means she has super powers. When they reached Neptune some of the crew couldn't handle the psychological effects of being so far from home. They wanted to go back and mutinied. Tommy Lee Jones was determined to complete his mission to find extra terrestrial life so he killed the mutineers by shutting off their life support. Yeah zero exposition on the Colombo guy. Everyone knows about the Bay of Pigs invasion yet he fully explained that. Maybe it was edited out a lot because of the film's already lengthy run time? The "Angels" consist of a lezza and two other birds of equally average looks and like they have yet to hit puberty. No surprise it bombed. lol you're right...wrong thread! Your reading comprehension is poor. I didn't say it was a myth that there was a longer cut. It's a myth that the longer cut will be some sort of classic. You can't polish a turd. I agree with you. I was confused myself. I thought it was that it was 2 hours in and my concentration was fading a little. I thought Frank was getting sent away and that the others would kill Hoffa whilst Frank, Hoffa's protector, was out of the picture. There's a few things wrong with the movie in my opinion. The Grandpa beating, the lack of explanation about Columbo and this section. View all replies >