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No because their superiors didn't do the right thing either when complaints were made. Just because they have Jesus as their figurehead and pump out a Christian message doesn't mean the power brokers behind the scenes aren't absolute bastards. The Catholic Church may have started out good but today I view them as the original big company like a present day Google or even a Tesco. Their product is akin to a drug (opium of the people). They work their way into countries and take control. In many countries they provide free education (like Facebook is free but if you're not paying for the product then you are the product) under the guise of being moral guardians when they're really just after future customers (get them while they're young). They have low level employees (priests) in local churches (franchises) who are basically grunts they ordinarily don't give a damn about. Unless the employee does something the company can be financially liable for at which point they do a cover up. Women were marginalised (no abortion or divorce) and homosexuality outlawed (people whose way of life threatened their message). And then there's the rampant child abuse. Like I said it started out pure but that was a long time ago. Over many decades it became more about power and money. Heck Martin Luther was disgusted by them way back in the 16th century. his best golf years were behind him anyway. Also keeps posting garbage about trans people being the next stage in human evolution. I'm not joking. Look at all the crimes and abuses the Catholic Church were/are responsible for. Yeah they're making her into "super black woman who's right about everything". Also I'm not sure if it's her clothes but she seems to have an oddly shaped posterior. Not surprised. I saw an interview with Amy some years back (can't remember where) and was left with the impression she was not to be messed with. And absolutely gorgeous too! :) Man I totally believed all those lies about him being a feminist. Especially after watching Buffy and some of his other stuff. But now with what was going on behind the scenes he must have been having a great laugh at us suckers. All the lesbians I encounter look like dock workers. In celebrity land you have Cara Delevinge, Chloe Grace Moretz, Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart to name a few. All these celebrities have these "don't look at me" or "don't look me in the eyes" demands. Is it because they're famous and people stare? What do they think would happen when they become famous? I just don't get it. RIP but 95 is a damn good age to get to. View all replies >