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People don't like being conned. She must have been having a right laugh at the public behind the scenes with all her "be kind" horseshit. Lecturing the public on what was right and wrong whilst deceiving them. Rapists and murderers are scum but generally only injure their unfortunate victims. Ellen screwed millions of people with her act. Jonah Feldstein Not regular porn....scat porn perhaps? Yup and Elon is only a phone call away too. You too! :) Elon Musk seems to think so and apparently he's a genius. Have you seen her? Because logic plays a part in lust does it? We're men and we're supposed to not be interested in a tall beautiful blonde? Look I know she's nasty but the OP's question said "bang" not date. No way in hell would I want a relationship with her. But just sex? Hell yeah! I don't like her as a person but have to concede she looked phenomenal in that dress in my opinion. Wanted a million for the two sequels. Was offered $250,000. Went mental at the Wachowskis and basically ruined his career over it. He's still banging on about it to this day though. He has a "documentary" on Youtube and has written a book (The Kill Off) about it. Thought he was more important to the franchise than he actually was. They were so prominent and noticeable in The Hunt I thought they were going to be relevant to the plot. View all replies >