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Ari Aster is a genius but.... Abigail Breslin Striking Vipers - sex drama I invested eight years for this? Gay guy at the support group Dull and empty Unbreakable but killed by a puddle A musical genius but evil and cunning. yet another Peter Pan film in production Australian version? View all posts >


For a guy worth $170m he's been making a lot of "need to pay off my debts a la Nicolas Cage" type films lately. I agree. This movie was painful and a chore to sit through. And Sophie Turner was hopeless in my opinion. Nice tits though. It'll still be rubbish. Loads of box office bombs have the myth attached that they would have been a classic only for studio cuts. Some of them did get special editions and were still rubbish. Until it stops making them money. It's a major hit for Hulu: First season was, in my opinion, tremendous. Didn't bother with season 3. Was actually pretty good mainly due to Andrew Scott's performance. Basically his character was in a car crash that killed his mother and fiance. He was checking the Smithereen website on his phone instead of concentrating on his driving. He survived so later he pretended to be a cabbie and waited outside Smithereen's headquarters in London until he could kidnap one of the employees. He held this intern hostage and demanded to speak with Smithereen's creator Billy Bauer. He told Billy his story and sarcastically "congratulated" him on how addictive he had made it. Was prominent in Line of Duty recently as well. Yup when are they going to move on to something new? It's the same thing with Star Trek, Aliens, Predator, Star Wars and probably a few more I can't think of right now. Give us something new instead of wringing every last drop out of the reputation of the originals. Making characters female, black or gay is all they can do it seems. That was fucking heavy handed could they be? Jesus I nearly puked. But fair enough we got a load of superhero movies about white males so I can't complain. Disney can go all Star Wars now on the franchise for all I care. I won't be watching a female Captain Marvel, black Captain America or whatever PC crap they'll load on by the bucket full in future. The Star Trek older folks like me grew up with is dead and gone. The original cast are either expired or ancient. Roddenberry is dead. TNG failed miserably at the box office. Enterprise got cancelled early. The execs realised it was exhausted and done so they decided to reboot Star Trek for a new generation. That gave us the Abrams films and Discovery is a consequence of that. To the youth that saw the Abrams' films that is what Star Trek is. There's more money in it for them to push the Star Trek/Star Wars hybrid that is Discovery. They had to change it and freshen it up not least of all to appeal to a new generation. The only thing Discovery shares with original Trek is the name. Garbage filler nonsense until the one or two episodes where they blow their budget. The first two episodes have been like a school reunion with everyone showing up at the same time. And despite the history between these characters all of them have acted sensibly in putting their differences that is really unbelievable. Not one raised voice or weapon raised in anger. I'm pissed off that I watched the early seasons and really enjoyed them. But I did so in the belief there would be a destination. If I'd known that GRRM wouldn't finish the books in time I wouldn't have bothered at the outset. He must be laughing his tits off at the bad writing and one dimensional storyline. Won't openly say it though as they've probably paid him off. I mean were they really having a sing song in the current episode? Sigh.... View all replies >