No arrest? ....

How has the doctor not been arrested?! The body was found in land at the back of his house and he called the mother the day after she was murdered.

I'm sure police have their reasons, but going by this film that seems like pretty strong evidence 🤷‍♀️


This girl is on video tape.saying they are trying to kill me and ends up dead.

Obviously the house she was running from is responsible.

shannon is a young white prostitute...and her body was discovered in an area of 6 or more other young white prostitutes.

What are the chances shannon ran into this graveyard of prostitutes?

Half these girls were on Craigslist and there is no digital evidence of a similar email, similar phone number among the dead?
Do other prostitutes know of any clients that could fit the bill?

Possibly someone who takes them into the gilgo area?

This case is frustrating because the evidence seems enough to start somewhere and follow the breadcrumbs


I mean the film depicted him as the probable culprit, but that doesn't mean it's accurate. Remember Zodiac, where it also focused on a suspect, but he was most likely not the real Zodiac.
Anyway it was a good film, and knowing how police work it's not surprising they made no arrest and it took over a year to search the marsh. The film also points to them as part of a coverup. We know for a fact police often frame the innocent and ignore the guilty for many reasons. I think we need a whole new police system that works for the people, not just exist for the self-benefit of the police.
My question is why didn't Mari get her friends to do the search in the marsh? She seems to have done so much more in the investigation. Another aspect it touches on, but doesn't go into is Shannon was put on psychiatric drugs. That is probably what caused he mental problems, not vice versa. And then we find out at the end that her other daughter Sarra was also put on these drugs and suffered withdrawal and killed Mari. I.e,. psychiatry is culpable as it often is, but of course they have plausible deniability. Someday people will realize how evil the psychiatric establishment is and that they do so much more harm than good.


It is NOT the psychiatric establishment that is to blame. It is the big pharma dictating medical protocol with the help of the insurance business, trying to convince everyone that magic pills will cure everything instead of well established, hands on medical procedure.


Big Pharma and psychiatry have become one in the same.