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Fantastic film Look at the size of him! I just did a Covid lateral flow test Tom Hanks Do you use real butter? Awful film. First World problems 🙄 So unhygienic 😟 Shooting spiders 🕷 The dog medication View all posts >


I hate that this actually could be true ☹ Oh never mind then 😅 He's active on twitter, you should ask him. Not sure if he reads his messages but you never know 🤷‍♀️ Wow what a question! 🤔.... Hungry Eyes I'm glad you said that to her. Very good point and put her in her place. I'm a feminist but in the real sense of equality not hating men. Serves her right for being embarrassed by a student. I've never seen these before. Imagine that chasing you across a field for your sandwich 😅 I only found out about it a few years ago too 🐻 😳 Less processing is always better. And it's so good on toast 🤤 😅 View all replies >