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No, but it stimulates the same part of the brain so it makes sense. You're just swapping a bad addiction to a good one. I thought it was alright. I liked the atmosphere of it. I thought it was quite obvious what the plot was, but the "reveal" at the end was a bit over the top. Wouldn't watch it again, but I've seen far worse. 5/10. 🤭 Oh really? That's a good tip. Any spring to mind that you would recommend? 4 years is a long time lol, I don't remember this at all! Time for a re-watch 🙂‍↕️. Must have seen it during a drunken lockdown evening 🤭 .... In America. Any female who is shouting that "we don't need men at all" is sexist, not feminist. Sslssg explained perfectly what feminism is. Equal rights for all essentially. 🥳 I like vince D. Also, that's a very satisfying emoji message to look at 😊 How is this not political? It's rising fast in Britain too. Processed frozen food and meals are half the price of fresh whole veggies and raw meat. Over the past decade, people have had less money to spend year on year. So naturally they look to spend less but get the same amount of food. Also, the whole of human history, children played outside and people walked everywhere. The last 30 years or so has seen such a huge increase in technology that kids are not as active as they were and adults drive everywhere. I'm guilty of this too, my local shop is about a 10 minute walk, but I still drive there instead of walking. It's just laziness 😒 View all replies >