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Brave for the era ? ... How things have changed ... for the better! about the ads on here .... Currently watching .... I'm surprised nobody has mentioned... I just re-watched this Film title please *solved* Film title .... Suggestions please Any cat people here? View all posts >


🤦‍♀️ maths was never my strongest quality lol. But still, it's too much either way. Drama 👍. Ones that stick in my mind are Awakenings, What dreams may come, law and order SVU, Dead again, One hour photo. I always thought he was great at playing dark characters . Don't bother, It's crap. Read the book instead. Or at least see the original film. Still, the book is better. I'm a thinker so my first choice is someone I can have interesting debates with. Looks get increasingly more irrelevant the older you get 😺 Lol. Well I hope you find some to enjoy soon enough 🤞 Been making a papier mache pot all day so couldn't be bothered to cook. Just had noodles and veggies with a chilli and lime dressing Apologies for the mistake. What's iron brew ? Sweet dream 😽 I paid £1.29 per litre the other day (uk). That's about 3.5 litre per gallon I think. So say about $14 ???? Potatoes 😻 any kind I dont care. Love them View all replies >