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Found footage, sort of Surprised to learn that... Better than I remember Suggestions please What a great series 😃 13 year old singing for King George in 1948 Any techies here? This belongs here Interesting look at backcountry Virginia/Kentucky. Great film View all posts >


🤗 Happy birthday 🎂 If I know they are actually homeless then yes. I've given a young man in town a few old camping items too - he needs them more than I do. I don't care what they spend my loose change on - if I were sleeping on the streets, I'd want to be drunk too ☚ī¸ The ones who just sit by supermarket entrances in the daytime, no. When I was about 16 I had a random package delivered. It contained one packet of plain Rocky Robin Chocolate biscuits and one packet of the caramel version. No note with them from who sent them or why. I still have no idea to this day. Lancashire, going back generations. Convictions are really low in England. If found guilty he'd probably get about 8 years - be out in 4 🙄 And barbers .... but the town is still full of scruffs lol. No shops in town centres. My town, and many others up and down Britain are just full of charity shops, bargain shops, gambling places and takeaways. My town doesn't even have a clothes shop 😒 (unless you want to include Poundland). For anything useful you need to go to a city or a huge indoor shopping centre. Anywhere you feel safe. Being at home is not a safe place for alot of people. Everyone needs a little place that is just their own, where nobody can hurt or berate them and de-stress without worrying what's coming next. Mental and physical health both need this. For comparison. C.$2mil is about ÂŖ1.2 mil Uk. View all replies >