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Any further info on his suicide ? Sky high energy bills ☹ Anyone here been car camping? Explanation of they/them Lots of Hollywood stars started here 🥲 Dirty Dancing Muppet theme Youtube autoplay What's your favourite media gadget? Your first post here Hmmm not sure about this View all posts >


I came here for the same reason. Not a fan of pool but it is a really good film. Maybe he made enough from it to live a nice life and thought "that's enough" 🤷🏻‍♀️ Floods are forecast next week. Crazy weather lately. Hope it improves soon for you too 🤞 Doesn't look too bad. A nice green(er) space would be more beneficial but I've seen worse public spaces. 😂 wtf is that ?!! Shit 😳 You're right. Ethnicity & politics consume the US it seems. I don't get it either 🤷🏻‍♀️. Sounds like a scene in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. When they are in the tunnels under Venice (was it Venice? ). He's with the blonde nazi and says "oh rats!" Then looks down and there's hundreds of rats in the sewer with them. Agreed. Not everyone is academically gifted. Some are good with their hands, some are good at performing arts, some are good at sports School is definitely limited in providing useful skills in these areas. My school had a good all round taste of everything but it still focused on maths, English, and science. The other subjects were definitely seen as non life skills. Nope. I'm stood in my kitchen with a damp towel round my neck and fan on. It's 1am and 28°c/84°F. I'm going camping next week and it's going to rain all week 🙄 I. Going basic camping for the mist part- only sleeping in the car. Ordered some 6" x 4" foam today to sleep on. I can't wait to try it all out 🤗 View all replies >