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Watching this on youtube Men, have you ever .... Nothing But The Night ... Amazing I enjoyed it Brave for the era ? ... How things have changed ... for the better! about the ads on here .... Currently watching .... I'm surprised nobody has mentioned... View all posts >


Completely agree with you 😺 It's completely natural. That's what breasts are for you know. We are all just brainwashed by advertising that bottles and formula are the norm and nature is wrong 🙄 I tried chain mail and gauntlet once and couldn't lift my arm up! No, but once I really wanted baked potatoes so I bought some from Asda and baked them and when I cut them open to smother butter inside they were BLACK 🙀. Wish I had've taken them back but just threw them away in disgust 🤢 Omg I love judge Judy! Glad she's not my mother, imagine trying to blag your way out of trouble with her on your case lol I had no idea he was that old! In Stonehurst Asylum, near the beginning where Ben Kingsley is showing the doctor some inmates and they meet a man who thinks he is a horse Doctor "Would it not be better to treat him than play to his delusion?" Ben K. (Totally deadpan) " ...and make a completely miserable man out of a perfectly happy horse?" When my shift finished 👍 2009 Nectarines. Peach fuzz makes my teeth curl 😣 View all replies >