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I boldly went where no man has gone before. Now she's no longer a virgin! I mean without the Erectoral Collage neither Tush nor Chump would have been able to destroy the country while enriching themselves. The true suckers are the poor uneducated who support them while they get screwed. The cost of living was lower vs. high wages because of unions. Inflation made everything more. However consumer culture makes folks buy things they don't need and can't afford. That's the main reason. Because you spend so much time there. Sounds like you've been below deck making flippy flop. Yes, it makes you a flaming fairy. She's a devil doll. But I'd still phuq her. True. So it's not just me that finds this the dumbest show ever? I mean if real nuclear physicists was actually this dumb we'd be in trouble. I meant done last year. Obviously I predicted Novax would win this year! True. Okay, I'll check that out. Well Woody himself doesn't even care. But these cretins want to cancel him from the culture. Of course they won't succeed, an 100 years from now history will show his significance and the false charges totally forgotten along with evil liar Dylan. By the way, I love Woody's early stuff, i.e. '60s-'70s, but lost interest in the '80s. I don't like his serious films (Interiors, Matchpoint, etc.) View all replies >