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Rightwing Joker Special effects and film score: A+. Plot, dialogue, philosophy: F- Can't wait for his new video! Kim Potter: Guilty! The Rightwing is boohooing! Kim Potter: see ya, wouldn't wanna beya! MAGA tears I'm gonna mail him a skirt! Our side just won in Chile! Yin and Yang: Good and Evil 2024: Civil War? View all posts >


True, and often he/she goes to trial and only later they find it's the wrong one. Actually I'm now against RFK Loonier, but not for his anti-vax positions. He's fallen down the ultramaga rabbithole and now support pukin's Fascist invasion of Ukraine and has many other maga positions. However I'm glad he's in the race to offset the maga vote and let our side easily win reelection. And by the way his family: all other Kennedys are pro-vax and Pro-Ukraine. He's an exception. Just like Im the only "anti-vaxxer" in my family. My position is really I'm anti-Big Pharma and pro-holistic health. If people want to get vaxxed knowing the risks fine. It should be a choice though. Just want to make sure I have you right. So you want to fight the government with guns; you're going to lose I can assure you. As for the 2nd Amendment, yes, I agree that the militia does have a right for have muskets. As for slaughtered cows, I'm a vegetarian. You're right. We don't need gun control. We need a complete ban on guns. Thanks for the correction! Agreed. Beautiful Boy was BS because you don't care about the characters. The best drug films are: Born to Win, Panic in Needle Park, Trash. So the only thing man is good for is murder? Even Kubrick realized that's a no good theme, hence didn't make clear the satellite was a weapon. I think athiests are more narrowminded than fundamentalists: the belief of nonbelief is worse than warped belief. Hence atheists create their own Gods: from Kim to Mao to Stalin. So you (and Clarke who was also Gay and lived in Sri Lanka) think aliens came here with a monolith because God and/or evolution doesn't work. Brilliant! And what a typical ultramaga response. So sad you Fascists have taken over this sight. That's why I'm not on here anymore. Wow, I didn't watch the ones with Albert. Sounds like the best ones! Yup once the Cousin Oliver gimmick shows up it's all over ;-p View all replies >