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Sterling Silliphant the writer was trying to be ultraliterate even though that didn't correspond to reality. So the dialogue is usually interesting and original, but unrealistic. If you saw it you weren't watching at all. Every episode they. had a new job in a new place. There are many logical flaws to the series, but this wasn't one of them. I don't get how you could watch 11 episodes and ask that question. 7:46 Martin Sheen. Route 66 was the most unique and literate TV show ever. The only one that was filmed on the road; every week a new city and a new girl. Of course most of the scenarios were unrealistic , but Sterling's writing was usually high level. Everyone must make their own decision on how to treat their diseases..if they have them. But in general I'm against invasive procedures. I think the new immunotherapy is better. I mean if you're giving examples, what about Lindsay Wagner, Suzanne Summers, and Olivia Hussey? I personally would not do chemo; I would consider surgery if it's operable. Anyway luckily I'm cancer free as far as I know. Yup. And it was his last film before his psychiatrist killed him. His son was great also as Charlie X. Yes, Martians came here because they're too far from the sun. That's why they came to the beach: to get a tan! It was time after Nixon to dissolve it, but it keeps going on. American Fascism will never be stamped out. But we've got 'em on the run now! But they'll come back, don't worry. I could never stand Letterman. Didn't like Leno either, even though he interviewed me once. Carson was my favorite. I don't agree in general. Of course he showed weakness at first, but so did she. I mean come on! Someone hangs your cat in the closet and your only confrontation is to serve a saucer of milk? I would have beaten a confession out of them, at very least! And definitely would have fired them all at that point, get the cops involved, etc. But then when they try to break in and David defends them and kills them all, that shows strength. He defended his, his wife's, and his guest's life! He defended that 'tard dude because he knew he couldn't defend himself. But there were some logical flaws to the film of course, but in general it was well done. Give us a break. View all replies >