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He's made some good films, but he's not a good person if you've heard the stories, plus he's a conspiracy theorist. Anyway he's old and senile now. That said I think those behind cancel culture are much worse than anyone they want to cancel. Two of them, Mike and Pete were musicians prior to joining the Monkees. Davy was a Broadway singer, and Micky a child actor who turned out to be the best singer of all. They became a legitimate band and not only used the top songwriters, but became great songwriters on their least Mike did. It's a matter of Don Kirshner wouldn't let them play on their first album, so they fought for their right to play all the instruments themselves which they did on the later albums and on tour. I think had he lived he would have left Yoko, retired, and moved to Hawaii. Yes, he was into TM, but it was George who was into Hare Khrishna. Never heard about the Freemason link. He had stopped taking acid in the '60s. I believe all he was into at the time of his death was pot. He felt forced to defend Yoko all those years against everyone who hated her. But he was realizing it was time to move on from her. I mean WW1 may have happened anyway, but this was the trigger. But without WW1 there would be no WW2, but then again if you can change a timeline, the original timeline still exists anyway in the many world theory. My 2nd choice would be going to 1907 to convince the Vienna art school to accept Hitler; that may have kept him out of trouble. I'd go back to 1914 and save Archduke Ferdinand thereby preventing WW1 & WW2. You're right. There has never been any movies made about them. Maybe someday there will be. His brother Richard is one of my favorite actors! I never met him, but have his autograph. I just saw End of the Line. Wow, what a great episode! I was skeptical of this series because I saw it only had incidental relation to the Romanovs, and I didn't really like Violet Hour even though I like Martha Keller. Then I skipped down to one that looked interesting and I wasn't disappointed! By the way I've travelled to most of Eastern Europe, but not in Russia (yet). End of the Line is #7 of the 8 episodes about the American couple who comes to Vladivostok to adopt a baby. So update on the ones I've seen: #1 (by far) End of the Line #2 House of Special Purpose #3 Bright and High Circle #4 Panorama #5 The One that holds Everything The other 3 I didn't really like, sorry to those that did. Guess what? He's innocent: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Boom! Taming of the Shrew. View all replies >