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The reason some people didn't like Creed...

I think I finally figured out why it is that some people didn't like Creed, and why many also didn't like Rocky V. It's as simple as this: No other actor in movie history has ever made fighting in a ring look as good as Sylvester Stallone. The combination of his physique, his body language, his facial expressions, and the choreography, is unequaled. Look at all the other boxing movies that have been made (both before Rocky and since). When you hold them up side by side, the fight sequences all pale miserably in comparison - including a classic like Raging Bull. Michael B. Jordan is an excellent actor and I enjoyed Creed immensely. But inside the ring, he's no Stallone. Nobody is, and nobody else ever will be.


That is one of my complains concerning Creed and Rocky VI, don't feel the intensity/brutalness of the fights. The movies also lack heart and don't really make you care for the characters. Marie in Rock VI wasn't good, Mason was shallow, same for Adonis and his opponent.


lack heart? I totally disagree.

Marie and Mason weren't that good, but NONE of the Rocky movies lack heart.


Music would be my only complain for Creed.


I thought the music was masterfully done. I loved the way Ludwig Goransson created a new Creed theme and blended it with the elements of the original Rocky score. The moment the original Rocky fanfare plays, you feel the torch has officially been passed. I was very impressed with the music. Not sure how it could have been done better.


I can buy into that theory. Most Rocky fans want Rocky in the ring. But even though he's still in great shape, Sly portraying a fighting Rocky at this point would be absurd.

But I do think Creed handled Rocky becoming a trainer more effectively than Rocky V did.


"But I do think Creed handled Rocky becoming a trainer more effectively than Rocky V did."

Well, I certainly agree because his performance in Creed was outstanding. But I thought he was actually really good in Rocky V and what I loved about this movie is that it goes back to the origins of Rocky which in the first movie were based more on drama than the action. The franchise lost its route starting from the second film and made out of the fourth film a straight action film. Rocky V was more based on emotions because it showed a Rocky who lost everything and had to go back to where he started. It wasn't the best Rocky but certainly better than the third and fourth ones imo.


That may be part of the reason for some people. For me, Michael B. Jordan is generic / lacks charisma; he's not even in the same league as Carl Weathers. Plus, his ghetto slang was annoying.

The final opponent sucked. He looked like someone's drunk uncle at a wedding. I don't care if he was realistic due to being a real boxer; in a movie I'd rather have larger-than-life characters, like Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago. He even had a generic-sounding name that I can't even remember, even though I watched the movie last night.

The Lifetime Network / Soap Opera "battling cancer" crap sucked pretty hard.

"Rap", or "hip-hop", or whatever the hell it's called, is a joke.

Even though this movie takes place in the Rocky universe, there's no one from there except for Stallone. Burt Young is still alive, but they inexplicably killed his character off.

Retconning Apollo Creed into an adulterer just to pave the way for this not-so-great storyline was ridiculous.

It wasn't written by Stallone, and as a consequence, it didn't feel like a Rocky movie at all.

There was no humor whatsoever.

Why doesn't Rocky appear to be rich? He would have made millions off his fight with Mason Dixon.

Shot on cheap video instead of expensive film. Also, it was in the wrong aspect ratio compared to the 6 Rocky movies.


"Burt Young is still alive, but they inexplicably killed his character off."

Paulie was really unhealthy and his days had been counted for a while. Come on in Rocky Balboa he looks like he's dying. He was a total alcoholic with a very harmful lifestyle. It isn't really surprising that they killed the character to add some drama.


>It isn't really surprising that they killed the character to add some drama.

It didn't add any drama. He died offscreen before the events of the movie even took place. And no, there was nothing to suggest he was dying in Rocky Balboa, nor is it established that he's an alcoholic (not that being an alcoholic is an automatic death sentence anyway).

Wasting one of the best characters of the Rocky series while the actor is still alive is asinine.


I think they killed him off to illustrate how lonely Rocky was at that point. He needed Creed as much as Creed needed him.

Besides, people die. That is just life.


I don't know. I kind of like seeing Rocky Balboa as an old man. He just seems like a fun old guy to have as a neighbor.


Well I totally agree. I love Creed and Rocky V though.