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Guess who's going to watch this movie?! How exactly... Still can't believe, after all these years, that it's Oliver Stone who directed this. Really? I'm starting to think... How many people legimitely like this movie? It's SO easy to say "Leo DiCaprio is a great actor and Sylvester Stallone is an awful actor" It's SO easy to say "Leo DiCaprio is a great actor and Sylvester Stallone is an awful actor" Uwe Boll is a creative genius next to this guy If you call this "torture porn", you are quite ignorant View all posts >


I thought it was clear that I was talking more about the setting and the atmosphere. But I give you that it wasn’t as obvious as I thought. Sorry about that. Still, shitty movie filled with despicable characters. « The studio that made the movie begs to differ with you...» .... NOW, after all the buzz. It’s a marketing process. -.- « Don't recall ever typing that everyone considers it a masterpiece. Just said that "people do". Nowhere does that indicate that EVERYONE does. » This is not what I said. I said that your statement seemed to imply that every people who call it a masterpiece do it simply because it’s Scorsese working with Pesci, Pacino and De Niro. I say that in my case, at least, it’s wrong. I don’t remember calling it a masterpiece before seeing it. « I'm simply stating that if it weren't for Scorsese, De Niro, Pesci and Pachino, people wouldn't consider it a masterpiece.  » Here again, I disagree. It helps, sure, but I would have loved it just as much if other actors were there. This is me, so I can say with 100% certainty that your statement does not apply to at least one person. « IIRC people originally started the Oscar buzz approximately 5 months ago (give or take). Before the movie had even seen the light of day. [...] Especially BEFORE the first official trailer was released. (Not counting the two teasers that preceded the official trailer).» Okay, yes, I give you that if this actually happened (I just haven’t witnessed it myself, not calling you a liar or anything), I see who your statement concerns. Well... as an adult, I actually think it's quite easy to find anything. The subway stations bring you pretty much at any strategic point of the city. Now, we are talking about a 10 years old child here. As a child, it would be pretty much inevitable that I would had got lost lol. Btw, I'm not from New York, I'm not even from the us. It's pretentious in the regard that you seem to say that every single viewer consider the movie a "masterpiece " just because of the director and the actors. This is bullshit, because I don't love every single Scorsese's movies, even those with De Niro. But The Irishman had this Scorsese's signature for having this insane energy which makes a 3 and half hours movie seem like a 2 hours one. He is really good at that. Of course it isn't the only amazing thing about it: the editing, the acting and the dialogues are all stimulating. Once again, we get interesting facts, and all the fiction is there to make it a more interesting movie. Of course, the nostalgia of seeing Scorsese working again with Pesci and De Niro HELPS, but it's far from being all there is. So no, even if there might be some viewers who fit you description, it's far from being everyone like you seem to see. Here again, I might have understood you wrong, I don't know. It's simply the feeling I got from your comment. How??? How is he right? Same for some Tarantino's movies! And I agree... even though I had a solid hard on on The Irishman from the beginning!! "People say it's a masterpiece because Scorsese directed Pesci, Pachino and De Niro in the same movie. It has very, very little to do with the actual content of the movie/story. Had it been the exact same flick with a different director, it wouldn't be considered a masterpiece. Just sayin.." Wow, this is such a pretentious and inaccurate statement... ' Whereas as Cruise reminded a reporter who told him that "Cocktail" was a lousy movie: "Yeah..but it made money. Proves I'm a star." ' Did he really say that?? Wow... I knew he was an asshole and, overall, not a good person... but this doesn't help. He is SO modest..... "I love Kurt Russell, but he never got the Tom Cruise/Bruce Willis/Mel Gibson career(I know everybody but Cruise is washed up now, but they were big then.)" Yup... and yet, he is a better actor than them all... especially Cruise and Willis. View all replies >