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How exactly... Still can't believe, after all these years, that it's Oliver Stone who directed this. Really? I'm starting to think... How many people legimitely like this movie? It's SO easy to say "Leo DiCaprio is a great actor and Sylvester Stallone is an awful actor" It's SO easy to say "Leo DiCaprio is a great actor and Sylvester Stallone is an awful actor" Uwe Boll is a creative genius next to this guy If you call this "torture porn", you are quite ignorant Is this simply like automatic? View all posts >


Well, they are not wrong per say. It's a bit radical as a view but it does make a point. Because what's actually killing cinema is the complete lack of originality that 90% of movies show nowadays. Marvel is, indeed, part of the problem. How??? What a bland statement considering that most people tend to hate/not really enjoy it. "I'd put it below Se7en and Gone Girl (in personal enjoyment), but waay above Benjamin Button." Definitely, I never really cared for Benjamin Button to be honest. Gone Girl, on another hand, what a powerful ride and such a pleasant surprise it was for me!! And Se7en... well... I guess most of us agree that it's an outstanding movie lol. I have a friend who hated it and I still don't get it. My personal ranking of Fincher's movies would be: 1- Fight Club 2- Se7en 3- Gone Girl 4- Zodiac 5- The social network Not my favorited from Fincher (Fight Club and Seven have the first two spots pretty much sealed) , but it's definitely in my top 5. I totally agree that it is highly underrated. Mystery, suspense, effective storytelling... this movie has it all! So yeah, I don't understand why people tend to criticize this movie and call it weak, I love it from the first watch. It makes the same list as Perfume: The story of a murderer (another movie about a serial killer... only it's fiction) for being a criminally underrated masterpieces imo. I edited my comment and, yes, sorry for the too quick and harsh reaction. I actually did miss the point, I give you that. I read you again and realized that my answer was straying from the subject, sorry. Still, I edited my post and hope it brought at least SOME light lol. "The effects aren’t amazing or anything, but the look passable. " Are you, once fucking again, one of those morons who can't relativize and take into the consideration the year a movie was made and its budget? Because this is a very bland statement considering that both first Evil Dead movies have more than decent visual effects if we look at how minimalistic and not expensive they are. Of course, this applies more to The Evil Dead than Evil Dead II, but still, the second movie didn't have such a huge budget neither. So no, if you conpare it to the visual effects of, let's say, Avatar, they are not amazing. But if you look at them for what Sam Raimi managed to do with so little technology, they are absolutely great. It's like Peter Jackson's earliest movies, Bad Taste and Dead Alive. He basically paid for Bad Taste out of his own pocket. If you compare the practical effects of Bad Taste to those of The Lord of the Rings (same director), they would look amateurish to you. But there is a huge difference in the time both were made, the fundings they had and, especially, the team that was behind. Even though I prefer BY FAR Dead Alive and Bad Taste to LotR, I don't really like to use the LotR trilogy as an example because it actually had a VERY modest budget for such a huge production. "Also, do you think Todd did bought the pizza/beers? I don't." Hahahaha this guy (OP) asks the real questions! No really, I wondered the exacte same thing. XD You said it! I mean... yeah, pretty much every characters, by the end of this show, are despicable (with the possible exception of Jesse and his two friends). But they are on a whole new level of scum seriously. Lol, this is funny. Still, OP does make some good points. I THInk it was meant for the fans of the series, not like a stand alone movie. I must agree that, even though I'm a fan of Breaking Bad, I had a little problem with that because a movie is supposed to be able to support itself without the need of seeing everything that preceded. That being said, I enjoyed the movie nevertheless. View all replies >