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The Coors advertising is the best thing about this show Blatant ripoff of "The Wonder Years" They made a big deal about a crocodile being in Maine... Hank could have just asked for a copy of the serial numbers What was the point of Norman pretending that he got electrocuted in the bath tub? Which Duke was the worst criminal? Who was the anti Second Amendment commie behind this movie? Lots of nonsene in this movie The prop and costume departments were inept Best end credits ever View all posts >


"Actually, I now may have to go back and watch that part yet again. Because wasn't that game actually supposed to have been delivered somewhere else anyway???" Yes, it was supposed to be delivered to Las Vegas, Nevada rather than a trailer park out in the middle of nowhere. "If so... what sense does it make that it was in English?" See above. [quote]It would have made no sense for Alex to be auditioning to be a Starfighter in a CGI environment and then put him in a model-based environment once he actually became a Starfighter.[/quote] Ironically, what you typed doesn't make any sense whatsoever. In the context of the movie, the video game was a video game, so of course it was CGI that appeared on its monitor, since the "video" part of video games is CGI by definition. However, in the context of the movie, the stuff he did as a Starfighter was real, and the best technology we had for depicting reality in movies in the mid 1980s was practical effects, not CGI. Practical effects at their best look ~indistinguishable from reality (see 2001: A Space Odyssey for example). The CGI in this movie looks like PlayStation 2 or Dreamcast graphics, which brings suspension of disbelief to a screeching halt, because the objects that are supposed to be real in the context of the movie look like cartoons. The Wonder Years was a half-hour sitcom, just as The Goldbergs is. Tons of sitcoms have had "very special episodes" ([url][/url]), but sitcoms are still primarily comedy (albeit, usually a poor stab at comedy), and The Wonder Years is no exception. "Very special episodes" were especially common in 1980s sitcoms. [quote][The Wonder Years] was conceived by writers Neal Marlens and Carol Black. Marlens had originally wanted the setting to be his native Huntington, Long Island, where he grew up. Elements were also taken from Black's childhood from the White Oak section of Silver Spring, Maryland.[16] ABC, however, insisted that the location remain nonspecific (the colloquial "Anytown, USA"). Black recalled that "we naturally [took] elements of our experience and [threw] them into the pot. The basic setup, the neighborhood, the era – that's the time and place where we grew up."[/quote] "You need to rewatch this film and read up on "duty to retreat"." No, I don't. "Damn near everything you said was flat-out wrong." Your mere assertion is dismissed. Get back to me when you have at least one actual argument. No, if she had "prime genetics" she wouldn't have boyish hands and an unsightly gap between her not-big-enough boobs: [url][/url] Someone with "prime genetics" would have boobs like Yulia Nova, an ass like Keyra Augustina, legs like Catherine Bach, hands like Emily Grimson, etc. She's one of countless chicks who have a pretty face, but there's nothing special about the rest of her. Kreese has no notable onscreen accomplishments. He got tricked into breaking his knuckles (tricked twice in a row, no less) and then pushed to his knees and then to the ground by a little old man. Then in part 3 he got his ass kicked by the same little old man, even though he had help from two other black-belt karatekas that time. When he changed his name to Ericson and decided to mess with Rocky while he was calling himself Rambo, he went down with one hit. Drago on the other hand, went 15 round with Rocky, and killed Apollo Creed. He could have heard his name offscreen at some point. In any case, for someone watching the movie for the first time, they don't know what Daniel is talking about when he says "Miyagi Turbo," and then when they hear his name for the first time, it's a minor "ah hah" moment, and that was probably intentional. "May not be a hard and fast rule but if a kid is born on the border of a cutoff date, parents are usually given some leeway as to whether they want to start their kid or keep them back at that point." It was a hard and fast rule here in Maine. Our neighbor was born on October 7, 1971. My brother was about 3 month older and they were best friends when they were kids. My neighbor and his mother were both upset that he wasn't allowed to start school at the same time as my brother, due to missing the cutoff date by a couple of days. So my brother ended up being one of the youngest in the class of 1989 and my neighbor ended up being the oldest in the class of 1990. I wonder what they would do with twins, one born on October 5th at 11:59 PM, and the other born a minute later on October 6th, 12:00 AM. "Back then kids started school based on the calendar year in which they were born." Do you have a citation for that? I know that wasn't the case in my state (Maine) back then. The cutoff date was in the first week of October (the 5th I think). So the oldest kids in class were born in October, after the 5th, and the youngest kids in class were born in October, before the 5th. Kids born in December, like Daniel, were among the older kids in class, and turned 18 about 3 months into their senior year. I was born in January, so I turned 18 about 4 months into my senior year. View all replies >