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They made a big deal about a crocodile being in Maine... Hank could have just asked for a copy of the serial numbers What was the point of Norman pretending that he got electrocuted in the bath tub? Which Duke was the worst criminal? Who was the anti Second Amendment commie behind this movie? Lots of nonsene in this movie The prop and costume departments were inept Best end credits ever Did they ever explain how Mallory got a genius-level score on an IQ test? Bad picture quality View all posts >


Nearly all of them sucked. The videos were the worst part of the show. "Butthead did appear to look up to his father in the movie, Beavis didnt acknowledge his dad at all though." The one who looked like Butt-Head was the father of both of them. AC/DC, obviously. Butt-Head's father and Beavis' father are the same guy. The guy you're referring to as Beavis' father wasn't anyone's father, because he never "scored." Letterman was just doing what he always called his "dumb guy voice;" he'd been doing it on his TV show since long before Beavis and Butt-Head existed in any form. The only difference is that he added the Butt-Head style laugh to it. "I'm not sure how old you are, I"ll assume you grew up with stuff like South Park and Family Guy, which are both far better than Beavis and Butthead, but when BnB came out nothing else existed like it." Those shows aren't even in the same league as Beavis and Butt-Head at its best. "Edgy" has nothing to do with it; the funniest parts of B&B weren't "edgy" at all. "I disagree." Your disagreement doesn't change the fact that there's no way to determine wheel diameter by examining tire burnout marks. "Police sciences have ways to find things out we haven't even heard of." That may or may not be true, but either way, the fact remains that there's no way to determine wheel diameter by examining tire burnout marks. That doesn't happen. If the tires were hot enough to continue leaving tracks after gaining 100% traction, they would be ruined; the tread would just be a molten mess. What actually happens is the rubber that's in contact with the pavement gets heated to an extremely shallow depth as the tires are spinning against the pavement, and that extremely thin layer that's heated comes off the tires and deposits onto the tar. The underlying rubber isn't hot enough to melt, which is why it remains on the tires. It's only getting heated to melting temperate at the contact patch between the tires and the pavement, so once the tires stop spinning against the pavement they instantly roll to rubber that isn't hot enough to melt, thus no more tracks. Go ahead and get in your car and try it yourself. "True: Vinny could have elicited from that FBI expert witness (through cross-examination) the very same testimony that he (eventually) got from his girlfriend." Says who? There's nothing in the movie to indicate that the FBI guy knows the first thing about cars, let alone minutia specifically regarding the '64 Buick Skylark and '63 Pontiac Tempest. We know that he knows how to operate an HP gas chromatagraph machine, and that's it. View all replies >