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The Disney Star Wars trilogy. I have all of the Paramount ones (parts 1 through 8, 1980 to 1989) in a Blu-ray boxset. I don't consider the non-Paramount ones to be a legitimate part of the series. It hasn't been long enough since the last time I marathoned them to want to do it again. "Believe it or not, unless it snows, clothes will still dry in sub freezing weather." Yes, for the same reason that ice cubes slowly shrink in the freezer (sublimation). I'd expect it to take longer than evaporation, but I've never actually done a test or researched it. ""pathetic home-use washers and dryers" work just great for me and I save tons of money." They are pathetic in that they can't handle large loads (like say, 50 pounds or more; most of them will choke on less than half that amount). They clean clothes fine. "I also usually hang dry my clothes which makes them smell and feel really nice AND radically prolongs the life of your clothes." I like line dried clothes too, but it's a hassle and it takes a long time for them to dry. Also, unless you have a place inside to hang them, it's weather-dependent. Clothes don't dry too well in the rain for obvious reasons, and they freeze solid in the winter. Definitely. "And if you really want to save a few quarters, when you dry, put in one quarter at a time. Once the 7 minutes are over, if you keep them in there, the remaining heat will work for a while, and THEN you can put another quarter." I've never done an experiment to see if that would save money or not (if taken to the extreme it would definitely save you money, because the clothes will eventually dry even if you don't put in any money at all), but keep in mind that with most, if not all, coin-op dryers, the final minute is a cool-down stage, so if you let the cycle run out e.g., 6 times, the dryer wasn't heating for 6 of the minutes that you paid for. Do you still get 7 minutes per quarter in your neck of the woods? That was the norm when I worked in a laundromat in the early '90s, but now 5 minutes per quarter seems to be the norm, at least around here. "I used a 50 lb washer a few months ago at the laundromat and got all my clothes done for about $7-8" Yeah... it cost me $7.50 yesterday. I used the 35-lb. Milnor washer for $5 and then $2.50 in the dryer (50 minutes). A 35-lb. Milnor is equivalent to a 50-lb. washer from most other companies such as Wascomat, and the old ones (pre digital display) are wicked fast. They take about 20 minutes while the newer Milnors take around an hour, without accomplishing anything that the old ones didn't accomplish in 1/3rd the time. The laundromat in my town has one of each. When I worked in the laundromat, the 35-lb. Milnor (an old one; the newer style didn't exist back then) was the only washer I ever used for my own clothes. "Who washes all of their clothes together in just one load?" I do, and always have, because I couldn't care less about keeping a $1 T-shirt or pair of underwear perfectly white. There's merit to separating whites so that you can use bleach to keep them white if you're concerned about that sort of thing (bleach doesn't actually make them cleaner, it just breaks down pigmentation, leaving only white, though it causes deterioration which results in the fabric eventually becoming brittle, and, ironically, yellow), but separating "coloreds" from "darks"? There's no merit to that at all. Who told you to do that? Clothes don't come out wrinkled in coin-op dryers even if you [loosely] fill them up. If you packed them in there like sardines in a can they'd probably come out wrinkled, but that would take a lot of clothes and a lot of effort to do. Coin-op dryers are huge. It would take upwards of 75 pounds of clothes before you'd be packing them tightly in there. It doesn't matter because you can easily download subtitle files for most any movie from subtitle sites. Do an internet search for <i>slumdog millionaire subtitles foreign parts only</i>. ^^^ Beer Dork Alert ^^^ View all replies >