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What Happened To Floki In The Cave?

Any ideas? Will he find another way out? Will he take Communion, because he has a Crucifix and what looked like a cup? Thing’s haven’t gone well for the former hellraiser this season!


It looks like he was knocked out by the rock debris if not killed. I guess we can assume he is still alive, though - having the Christian altar as a challenge to his religious dogma might entail him having to really confront or face his nemesis. I think the show is trying to say his path has inexorably led to this confrontation and his admission that this is in fact what he is, what he has been searching for all this time. So, yeah he has been through tribulations but it has a point to it hopefully. :)


Up till recently Floki had always been a religious fanatic. The relocation to Iceland has really tested his faith since it seems obvious in hindsight that Floki was hysterically hallucinating his original "divine inspiration" involving sunny visions of fertile land that led him to entice his group from Kattegat to want to settle there in the first place. The symbolism of encountering the cross and goblet in the cave seems like it could be the final straw that destroys his faith.

What's interesting to me is how differently Floki is treated by the Seer when they first meet 3-4 seasons ago. Instead of haughtily holding his knowledge of fates over him as he typically does to those who seek him out, he treats Floki with crazy deference and respect, almost like he was honored by the chance to meet his successor. Not even Ragnar garnered props from the Seer that Floki did. But if Floki is to become the next Seer, it's hard to see how he turns full circle by developing into a religious zealot again after suffering such a crises of faith.

But it would be poor storytelling if Floki doesn't do something to justify how differently he was treated by the Seer.


So, I am from Iceland. Let me crack some eggs of wisdom.

In the past few years (5 years) it has pretty much been proven that Iceland was inhabited, most likely temporarily, by Irish Catholic Monks before the vikings. They have found some proof that Irish monks before 874 (when Iceland was supposedly settled by Ingólfur Arnarson) lived in caves in Iceland. The logic is that figures of the cross ✝ and fecal collections date from before 874, which is the formal date for settlement for Iceland. In Iceland the Monks were called Papar, and there is even an island called papey:

This has still been met with some criticisms and not been definitively proven, the caves in southern Iceland that they supposedly lived in are man made! Here is a news report about it in Icelandic:

They are basically saying it is very difficult to determine when exactly these caves were made. But they are not! Natural, they were man made. It would be considered shameful to live in a cave as a viking, or that is my understanding. And a cave with a cross marking inside it... no way that was a viking.

When I watched the 2nd to last episode, I knew that Flóki would wind a cross in the cave. Because I believe that Icleand was discovered be these noble, peaceful Irish Catholic Monks before the vikings claimed it.

PS. Floki is based on Hrafna-Flóki, the man that supposedly named Iceland. You can read about him here, he existed and this information is documented in the Sagas:


Thank you! We are not on different page. Hirst may exceed himself and transform this narrative. I hope so. Thank you so much.



Thank you!


I could present an opportunity for Floki to "see" Athelstan again.