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Just wondering - anyone from the former cast and crew of Thrones on this board? Actors predicting who will sit on the Iron Throne I proclaim thee Queen of Westeros So this is how it ends... Bronn still wants his castle What the actors of GoT seriously think about Season 8 If only they had asked for the services of Voltron... How to do a diverse, sensitive Doctor Who the best way Where has Lagertha gone? View all posts >


Some good points in it but not really an engaging documentary. If you want to know about behind-the-scenes work on set design, extra actors who help to create crowd scenes and detail, costume and makeup, creating snow for the sets, bad weather during production, snippets from the Season 8 script table read, and production management activities then this might be a good watch. The Northern Irish extra actor featured in interviews was interesting and we see a bit of Kit Harrington behind the scenes in more than one context. True, but he might see the consequence/s of a future interaction which would give meaning to his vision. That would have worked as an alternative scene to the one they chose. It could have perhaps prevented the schism that threatened to emerge afterwards as a result of Jon's action. I'm fascinated by your list. Seeing as Season 8 has passed and the show has finished we can look back and see the accuracy of your prediction/s: Did they die in Season 7? Let's look: Jon Snow - Nope Daenarys Targaryan - Nope Cersei Lannister - Nope Jaime Lannister - Nope Sansa Stark - Nope Arya Stark - Nope Bran Stark - Nope Drogon Viserion and Rhaegal - Not Drogon, but one of the other two dragons Theon Greyjoy - Nope Yara Greyjoy - Nope Missandei - Nope Grey worm - Nope The sand snakes - Don't recall Lady Olenna - Don't recall Qyburn - Nope Euron Greyjoy - Nope Littlefinger - Yes Varys - Nope Tyrion Lannister - Nope The Night King and his undead army - Nope "The whole eighth season will be about Lord Robin Arynn adjusting to life on the Iron Throne." - No, but strangely prescient. Bran got the throne in fact, another young nobleman but quite a different person. Of the people you listed many of them survived into Season Eight but only a handful lived past it. 1. Dany can see things from Drogon's perspective geographically if she is riding him - easier from that position to direct Drogon. Something similar to driving a car versus remote control of a vehicle. 2. The close proximity between Dany and Drogon perhaps establishes her will over his. Thus, he can independently do things but must listen to her commands and wishes when she directs them to him, and close range telepathy is probably stronger between Mother of Dragons and her children than longer distance communication. It was kind of miraculous she didn't fall off given the rapid movements and turns of her dragon. Thanks for the replies! 1. Makes sense. Kinda of assumed it might be real given that it can snow in Northern Ireland during winter months. 2. Lucky or unlucky for them given the circumstances. :( 3. That would be a good show. 4. He's so money focussed he's probably going to be a great Master of Coin. 5. I like that. Heh heh. :) 6. Probably, but if anything I bet he took care to take her to the intended destination. Drogon: "Wait...where is she? OMG, have I dropped mum?! I can't swim!" ;) Hi Nikolaj, Thanks for replying! (I'm going to go ahead and assume I'm not wrong about that, regardless of the fact that the trolls and jokesters are active. :) ) So, I have a few questions for you: - How did you deal with the frosty Battle of Winterfell shoot? Was the snow thick? - Who do you think rang the city bell of King's Landing to surrender in Episode 5? - Would you like to see a spinoff show from GoT and what might it be like? - How the heck did Bronn end up a king's adviser? - What's your theory on why Drogon destroyed the Iron Throne? - Is Daenerys permanently dead or will she be resurrected later (Jon Snow was brought back so there is a precedent)? I suspect that they're there but not forthcoming for whatever reason. They're probably a bunch of entertainment review sites competing for attention from audiences so similarly favourite actors will be spread out among them. Jolly Maester: "Young man, I come six days travel from the Citadel. Pray, do you know of any tavern where I may rest a while?" Peasant: "Hey, aren't you that storyteller who can't finish a tale? I've heard you can talk for days and days and never reach the end." Jolly Maester: "You have heard correctly. I am Maester of Literature. Perhaps I can share with you my latest fantastical stories over a nice meal. What say you?" Peasant: "I can stay awake only so long. Still...not too much to do around here. Hey, why not?" Jolly Maester: "Good, excellent! Also, I'm not that bad! heeheeheeheehee." Yeah, it's hard to know. Still, it's a possibility. It would be hard to believe a claim like that without proof. View all replies >