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I think we as viewers are supposed to put together the pieces and draw inferences as the story develops. The imagery tells some of the story and fragments of story are presented by dialogue in seemingly disconnected scenes. It's not a simple narrative and I think it's intentionally metaphorical. I think I've missed a few points too even though I've watched all the episodes thus far. Some of the dialogue doesn't make sense (we are meant to supply the answers for the gaps in meaning). I also think multiple character arcs makes it difficult to follow the plot, forcing us to make sense of multiple points of view and the evolution or direction of several characters. Regarding Solomon: the idea appears to be that it takes data from each individual's set of traits and builds a hypothetical model of the relationships and effects among them and thus across society, and projects what will happen into the future as they participate in the world. Every decision has a consequence and outcome. So now it is advising Caleb about each step he should take to align the people and resources he needs to achieve his goal. Regarding Dolores: Her goal has been to reach the "promised land" and to free all people who are oppressed (others see her as a terrorist). She began to understand that she was a slave doomed to repeat scenarios to please others who were using her as an object. She has been discovering more details as she made her way from Westworld into the human world. She realised the whole world is enslaved and ignorant of the truth of their lives. She upset the apple cart by sending all humans the data about their true selves unmodified or unmanipulated. Now she helps Caleb and herself to find the path to undo the AI system ruling the world itself. That's my understanding anyway. It takes the scary premise of unpredictable intelligent robots of the first movie and creates an epic odyssey wherein the characters are challenged and tested and experience existential awakenings and often dread. The series is a much more complex journey and adventure. I'm not clear on how Serac managed to influence most of the world's population to conform to his system, and to receive implants that permits digital artificial experiences. So, when we consider Caleb who has been made to conform to some extent, is this down to some kind of memory wide and/or digital technology intervention? He might not remember some prior experiences where he was a "different person". If he was "one of the worst" maybe he was a terrorist attempting to "upturn the applecart" not unlike Dolores is trying to do by sabotaging the AI surveillance system controlling the planet. This would make him highly dangerous and repugnant to the controllers of the system, and thus their policy of suppressing him (and other nonconformists) and minimising his life and cutting out opportunities to advance or make his life better than a low paid or barely employed worker - making sure he could never obtain any power or influence and thus a more potent ability to publicly question and oppose their system. All good questions. Today it occurred to me that the whole thrust of the show thus far is about Picard's journey specifically, but very much focussed on *his* journey as opposed to other characters or the general purpose of the story and events that Picard reacts against. Essentially the show was a vehicle to get Picard from fading human life to the revival of life by inhabiting an artificial body, besides the plot to save the galaxy from a monstrous alien race. The show has been a dialogue between Picard and his relationship to Data and other AI and how apparently the AI has enriched Picard's life. I have to wonder to what degree this show has been a propaganda piece for transhumanism which has its problematic issues such as violation of human nature and such. Considering how much social prominence the Federation give Picard (at least the degree of importance the story gives him), I'm seeing parallels between the story of Osiris and Picard's journey - both are highly prominent characters placed on high pedestals, both have experienced "rebirth", both have been metaphorically and literally "reassembled", both have been teachers or advisors or facilitators impacting their worlds, both now inhabit the underworld though remain visible in the world of the living, both are opposed by dark forces that seek to control reality. There are even connections between Picard and the Egyptian god Ra - Ra travels on a golden barge called "Atet", Picard travels in a ship called La Sirena (The Mermaid) which emphasises the water environment and a magical dimension; Picard is a "shining beacon" of hope to many; Ra and Picard has significant female friends which help and protect him, both are fighting Death or Set, etc. He's robo grandpa...but senile is not what I'm seeing. :) People complained about this series being too negative and unlike Next Gen. But there were silver threads leading somewhere and resulted in the ending which in some way has returned Picard to eminence. That said, was the ending a bit twee? Maybe. I do have some questions. :) It seems like Seven they have been forced into "mercenary" type roles in the sense of being guided by more direct self-interest, since the galaxy is more hostile and they have been molded over time by cynicism from exposure to a troubled universe. For them Deception and guile are more acceptable to get things done (faced with hostile agencies from various directions). They're all facing jeopardy but the future is unknown until they come to live it - and we are following the events as they happened without any assurances of what will or won't happen. I was sure Seven would be a mainstay character but that prospect has been put on pause by the plot - she may have survived and she may return and rejoin the story, but there are no guarantees. This departs from the usual model of certainty of characters that was present in the classic TNG or broader Trek style. Get in the Q. ;) The meaner people are to Picard or Raffi the stronger the sympathy of the audience for them will be, I believe. In a sense therefore they are benefitting from the bad press Picard's actions had received. Borg cultivated extreme focus and determination I think may play a part in her survival. Phaser rifles are quite powerful and armed with two at once will help her significantly I think. Some info on the phaser rifle: "A type-3 phaser (often simply referred to as a phaser rifle) was the Federation classification for the more powerful rifle variant of the standard Starfleet handheld phaser. 24th century phaser rifles had sixteen power settings, fully-autonomous recharge capability, multiple-target acquisition, and gyro-stabilization." []. View all replies >