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Movie actors who have appeared in "Cold Case".

The last two movies I have seen have had people who have guest-starred in "Cold Case" episodes.

I saw "The Hunger Games:- Mockingjay Part 2" which starred Jennifer Lawrence. Before winning an Oscar for "Silver Linings Playbook", and starring in the "Hunger Games", "American Hustle", "Winter's Bone" and "Joy", she appeared in the "Cold Case" episode "A Dollar, A Dream". She played the daughter of a homeless woman, who was later found murdered.

I believe the actress who played her mother in the episode also played her mother in the four "Hunger Games" films as well.

Next, I saw "Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens". The actor who played Finn in the film is an actor called John Boyega. He also appeared in "Cold Case" in the episode called "Strange Fruits" where he played a murder victim lynched in a racial attack the day Martin Luther King did the "I Have A Dream" speech.

Oscar winner Melissa Leo, who won the award for "The Fighter", played the mother of a son who committed suicide in prison when he and his friend were accussed of killing three young boys.

Brandon Routh, who played the young version of a gay boyfriend of a gay baseball player in "Cold Case" also starred in "Superman Returns".

Any other people who appeared in "Cold Case" who you have seen appear in other movies or TV shows?


well first the young man from strange fruit is an actor named paul james who was last on an episode of grey's anatomy, though john boyega was in a great movie called attack the block and the new 24 tv show. other now movie stars include shailine woodly from a fault

in our stars in the episode running around s5 ep.3 about the amish girl who never came home from rusbringa? michael b jordan from creed and frutville station in the episode with the 2 half brothers where one was a math whiz and could count cards. he played the brother in the wheelchair. s5 ep6 mae whitman who was the star of the duff and in the great show parenthood was in the episode lovers lane s1 ep 23 she played the teen murder victim. and

on other notes tristan(mack) wilds who was on the new 90210 nominated for a grammy for his debut album and played the love intreast in adele's hello video was in the s4 e14 where 2 kids shot at the same time in 2 diffrent areas that kat opened up.he played the male murder victim. and the episode world's end where the woman went missing during orson wells the war of the worlds played is the presidents wife on scandel.

she played the murder victim, and lastly the episode read between the lines where the teen girl who wanted to be a rapper, the girl who played her little sister as a child is the oldest teen daughter on black-ish on abc


I could have sworn that the young man/murder victim in "Strange Fruits" was John Boyega who is in "Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens", but I would have to go back and check. If it is Paul James, like you say, then there is a resemblance between him and Boyega I think.


Melissa Leo played the mother of one of the murder victims in her episode.


Already mentioned above , but I got a kick out of seeing Jennifer Lawrence in one of her first roles....

Shailene Woodly of Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars and Big Little Lies fame, was the Amish girl looking for her missing sister in the episode Running Around.

And although he's not a movie actor per se (despite his bit part in Bad Moms 2), Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin in This Is Us, played the rapist in the episode titled Justice. It aired ten years ago but Justin looks the same today - in most Cold Case flash forward scenes where ten years have passed, they usually hire an 'older' looking his case, he doesn't seem to have aged at all.