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Passengers starring Anne Hathaway as a grief counsellor. Does that count as a psychologist? It has Patrick Wilson in it and has a similar vibe as The Forgotten. :D :D :D I'm a straight female but I agree.....her breasts are huge! Not to mention that white stripy singlet she wore throughout the end of Season 2 - I'm no prude or anti-feminist but my mind was so preoccupied by them being so big that I missed crucial dialogue and had to re-focus my mind on the scene. I don't like being taken out of the story and wished they had put her in something less revealing. You're getting Alison Whyte mixed up with Francis Conroy. Awesome summary - I didn't pick up on any of the clues but I did wonder throughout the film why Detective Vick was so emotional and panicked when she was supposed to be the professional cop on the case. I was thinking it was just bad writing that the character wasn't more detached and professional. I also thought it was implausible that she would involve the Father so much like he was a fellow cop or something (up until he hit the wanna-be gangster at the cinema that is). It was a better film than I had expected. And you're right - the ending may have been cheesy but I liked seeing the screen saver changed to one of her and her Dad too. It really is amazing - she doesn't come across like a tough business woman at all. She must just really be good at interior design and marketing her brand - she would also have a good team around her I'd imagine. Connie Britton is actually nailing the way the real Debra spoke - in the Dirty John podcast, I kept thinking that exact same thing...'why is she speaking so gently and pleasantly and laughing good naturally whilst re-telling the story of the hell that man put her through?!' To be fair, it is quite amazing how the woman didn't resort to swearing and raging over the guy - she really did seem like a kind and gentle soul. Her daughters on the other hand.... Already mentioned above , but I got a kick out of seeing Jennifer Lawrence in one of her first roles.... Shailene Woodly of Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars and Big Little Lies fame, was the Amish girl looking for her missing sister in the episode Running Around. And although he's not a movie actor per se (despite his bit part in Bad Moms 2), Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin in This Is Us, played the rapist in the episode titled Justice. It aired ten years ago but Justin looks the same today - in most Cold Case flash forward scenes where ten years have passed, they usually hire an 'older' looking his case, he doesn't seem to have aged at all. Agree wholeheartedly - after re-visintg this series recently, I skipped over The Sleepover - made me bawl so bad back when I first saw it. In fact, it ceases to be entertaining when it hurts that much. The ones about kids and special needs characters tear me apart :( I finally managed to find a way to view this show again and whilst a series focused on murder/manslaughter/death can make for extremely disturbing viewing at times, most of the episodes are just simply excellent story-telling. Lovers killing one another, adults scheming and doing wrong, even psychos hunting down women, don't make me feel too bad - sure, I cry during the moments the loved ones find out their friend or family member's fate and I empathise and imagine how I'd feel...but the ones that I cannot watch - the ones I switch off two minutes after the episodes starts - are the ones where a child dies....I just simply cannot stand it. Those ones are just too painful and upsetting for me - it ceases to be morbidly entertaining and just becomes distressing. What does keep me coming back however is the music, the flashbacks and 'seeing' the older/younger versions of the characters....not to mention the star-spotting a 15 year old show allows. So may hugely successful actors got their start on a Cold Case episode! View all replies >