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His whole character was questionable. He seemed overly possessive and entitled to me. He wanted a wife 20 years younger and resented the fact that she had a child that was her top priority. Describing how he asked the funeral home to lay out her bones and then he hugged and kissed her skull....he was a creep and treated Pistol very unfairly. I really felt for him too :( When he was at school and the girls were no longer there, he seemed to be retreating into a child-like state. The way he said good morning to the window plants made my heart break....he was all "Oh Hello there, did you enjoy your photosynthesis breakfast this morning?" lol....he was such a sweetheart who unfortunately lacked backbone. At least he made a wonderful night happen for his four remaining girls when he convinced the wife to let them attend a dance. Such a haunting film. Perfect observation - I couldn't agree more. Well the five year old actor playing Joe managed it, so why not a fictional autistic character who has the type of condition that can heighten one's memory capacity? Hate-filled racist agenda here. Voltaire is half moron. The highly un-enlightened want only white women to mate with white men. Be wary of those who don't realise we're all human beings regardless of skin colour. Passengers starring Anne Hathaway as a grief counsellor. Does that count as a psychologist? It has Patrick Wilson in it and has a similar vibe as The Forgotten. :D :D :D I'm a straight female but I agree.....her breasts are huge! Not to mention that white stripy singlet she wore throughout the end of Season 2 - I'm no prude or anti-feminist but my mind was so preoccupied by them being so big that I missed crucial dialogue and had to re-focus my mind on the scene. I don't like being taken out of the story and wished they had put her in something less revealing. You're getting Alison Whyte mixed up with Francis Conroy. Awesome summary - I didn't pick up on any of the clues but I did wonder throughout the film why Detective Vick was so emotional and panicked when she was supposed to be the professional cop on the case. I was thinking it was just bad writing that the character wasn't more detached and professional. I also thought it was implausible that she would involve the Father so much like he was a fellow cop or something (up until he hit the wanna-be gangster at the cinema that is). It was a better film than I had expected. And you're right - the ending may have been cheesy but I liked seeing the screen saver changed to one of her and her Dad too. View all replies >