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Castor spoke to Pollux after Archer did. Pollux got that sad puppy look on his face when Archer (as Troy) called him pathetic because he was hurt and didn't know why he would say such a thing. I also hear people talk about her all the time. Buffy And now Buffy is getting a reboot too. It will probably be as bad as the Charmed reboot. Castor didn't suspect a thing. He just thought his brother was acting weird as a result of the coma. It wasn't until later when Archer/Castor told him the truth that he learned what happened. Castor probably convinced him by telling him things that only they would have known. Must have been. They named the baby after him. I'll be honest. I don't know that version. Is there anywhere to check it out? Well I saw the first and second (not this yet) and I liked the first one a lot. The second(London Has Fallen) could definitely have used some work Johnny Cash When he gets the principal's letter. View all replies >