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Last Ship Anybody Ever Heard of This Deserves a Post Trump says Fauci 'made a lot of mistakes' RIP Centennial for the Master ***CLOSED - BAKER's DOZEN - Movies Where a Top Billed Actor/Actress Doesn't Make it to the End of the Movie Time Trax. RIP RIP (September 26, 1932 - May 26, 2020) View all posts >


Well now I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Trump, who doesn't know shit about science, just appointed himself the control over the CDC. Now they don't get the data they need to evaluate the situation until he clears it. Trump NEEDS those numbers down. The economy is tanking and his reelection will go with it. He's going to get people killed in order to bolster himself. Speed I know he has better roles but this was my favorite. Why is this on the Psycho board? Bingo. Who said she was pregnant? Let's not forget some Twitter users have multiple accounts. Sometime MANY multiple accounts to booster their own Twits. They're going to kill a lot of people unnecessarily if they do this!! Mischief "Hey Tom we have this thing that pays $$$$. You want to do it?" "Sure. Why not? Keeps me busy in the off season." It's a job. He doesn't take it personally. YouTube lost the rights. It's moving over to Netflix where they are going to show the first two seasons before they show season 3. View all replies >