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3. Trading Places 2. With Honors (1994) Harris was not an idiot, he was an idealist. He felt it was his responsibility as an officer to protect these people no matter what the risk. Watson was just a coward. There's a real good reason they wouldn't. If a shark stops swimming it drowns. If they ran into a dead end then the shark is dead. Some people just don't scare easy. Are you one of them? Bill Murray has a reputation for holding a grudge. If he likes you then he loves you. If he doesn't get along with you it's forever. The 1990 Flash series was also cancelled for the same reason. It's production budget was too high to justify. Ironic thing is that in modern days, individual salaries alone are more than total production costs from those days. Supertrain actually "flopped" for one reason. It's budget was astronomical. They recruited every big name they could find but it only had so-so ratings. Not enough to justify the expenses. She should have been nominated for Lead Actress but Beyoncé had it written into her contract that she got top billing. View all replies >