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Kind of opposite. My last two girlfriends: #1) married a guy her family can’t stand and she’s miserable. #2) according to her sister has not had a serious relationship since I broke up with her 22 years ago. Meanwhile I’m happily married with kids. And the loss of Wally didn’t help it (hard to believe he was only 55) It probably was done quick. It was just used as a vehicle to get Sandrine Holt off the show. Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore would my call. The chemistry they've shown in the past would be perfect. You should look at better sources. Profiling has proven to be extremely effective in real world investigations. Check the work of Robert Ressler & John E. Douglas. I stopped watching FTWD after first season. The same reason he planned to kill Annie. The police would be busy investigating the bomb and give him time to get away. In 3000 Miles to Graceland he played an absolutely terrifying villain. Got it. I guess it's better than shoving him in the corner for the second film. He was too good of an actor to waste that way. (Has he really be gone 20 years already? WOW!) Didn't Kehoe talk to Reggie on the phone in the first movie? That was how Jack found Reggie at Romans (not sure if that's the right place?) at the end of the film. View all replies >