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Deep Blue Sea 2 came out a year after this post.. Also #3 followed it two years later. WHOA! I thought Yoga was supposed to be calming. Interesting article. Thank you. Makes the reasoning for firing Tim Brown at the time even more petty. The reason Spearchucker was let go would raise a whole shit storm today. The producers received letters pointing out that there were no Black surgeons stationed in Korea during the war. So they got rid of the character to remain accurate. Could you imagine what would happen today? Adriene Barbeau I don't believe it's more common in Hollywood than the rest of the world. It's just that the people involved are usually in the public eye. Therefore it draws a lot more attention than the general public. It was 1/2 mile up the road 1. Norma Rae (1979) 2. North Country (2005) 3. Salt of the Earth (1954) 4) Take This Job and Shove It (1981) 5. The King of Queens (S3 Ep5-Ep7) 6. Matewan (1987) 7. How Green Was My Valley (1941) 8. Seinfeld (S9 Ep10) 9) Fun and Games (1980) I wonder if they would have paid him. Seems to me in 15 years they would probably have settled with his legal heirs and already paid off the policy or written it off. View all replies >