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I believe #1 is "There's Something About Mary." Hello! No, I actually don't have a favorite...when it comes to college basketball, I'm an Ohio State and Kentucky fan. OSU had a rough season and didn't even make the Tournament...UK won its first game, but lost against Kansas St. I think that may be part of why I'm enjoying this Tournament so's more fun and not as stressful when you don't have a rooting interest! 😃 2 more great games today and we have the Final Four on the Men's side! Congratulations to Florida Atlantic, UConn, San Diego State, and Miami (FL)! This may very well be my favorite March Madness ever...just an incredible Tournament so far, so unpredictable. I'm going to close this one out also: "Deeper And Deeper" - The Fixx Looks like I stumped the band again, Doc! 😃 I'm going to go ahead and close this one out: "Workin' On It" - Chris Rea I would actually stretch that even more and say "most professional sports" (at least here in the U.S.). I don't think they're "rigged" on a "play-by-play basis," but I do think they are controlled to achieve certain outcomes (tied into the betting lines). I know there aren't many golfers here, but Callaway Golf released their "C4 Driver" in the early 2000s and it was disastrous for them. It wasn't constructed very well, didn't sound good, and they charged an arm and a leg for it. The failure and backlash from that driver helped allow TaylorMade to take over the Driver market for some time, until Callaway finally got back on track (I love Callaway clubs, FYI). Ha! Good ol' Garth! 😃 Today was glorious, weather-wise (We had really high winds yesterday)...sunny, high 64 degrees. I went to church with my middle son, then came back home to get my other two boys and we went to O'Charleys for lunch. Came home and channel-surfed between March Madness and the PGA Match Play Championship (still watching March Madness). It's been a very nice day for me. Several of the last ones you've posted have driven me crazy, because they sound so familiar and I know I've heard them, but just can't place them. I finally placed this one just down, several to go: "We've Got Tonight" - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (or Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton, if you prefer) View all replies >