Funniest scenes?

-When Kitty searched brown sugar and Fez said to her "I am here!". (when Steven and Eric trying to cook for the revenge of Kelso).

-Kitty burned her hair (in 8th season and after she got new hairstyle)

-Jackie didn't want to breaks eggs because she said that eggs were in chicken's butt. (when she was needed to learn to cook with Kitty)

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When Red was high and sold the car and when asked who he sold it "I sold it to Peter... Peter Cottontail... Hoppin' down the bunny trail, hippity-hoppoty, Easter's on it's way!"

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Pot circle.

Kelso- you know I hear that their are these people in France.

Hyde- yeah? What do they do?

Kelso- they're incredibly French.


- The entire scene in Dine and Dash with the laxative brownies.

- Hyde watching the weather while being high.

- When Eric is trying to put Fez to sleep by making whale sounds and Red barges in the room and asks him "What the hell are you doing to yourself?"

- Eric kicking Donna's door and failing.


Scene at the hub, when Midge admits her panties were in Eric's car and Kelso and Fez immediately begin worshiping Eric.

I also second that scene with Eric making whale sounds to put Fez to sleep. So hilarious!


That scene is perfect, the timing from Kelso and Fez was spot on when they react!
Also, right before when Donna thought Eric had had yet another girl in his car and Kelso steps in and says "Donna, no offense [turns to Eric] but dude, you're on FIRE!"

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When Donna wins concert tickets to Led Zeppelin and Jackie goes "Oh my God! That's a band right?"

When Kelso and Fez are in a fight while Kelso is waiting for Brook to call because she's having the baby soon and Fez keeps calling him.

When Kelso wants to see Donna's boobs because he's the only one who hasn't so he keeps bursting into her room and yelling "Sorry!" hoping to catch her naked.

Every time Fez is mad and says "Good day!" "I said good day!" and whenever he calls someone a son-of-a-bitch.


In the episode called "Eric's Corvette Caper", there was a part where Fez and Hyde are drinking Red's beer, and Fez is imitating Red (Where are my muffins, dumb***?).

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When Eric ruins Donna's wedding dress.


I loved that episode..


Every time someone falls off the water tower.

Everything with the canoe.

Every scene with the guys in Can't You Hear Me Knocking?.

Pretty much everything in Fun It.

Hyde in a circle with the weather on cable.

The constant circles in Thanksgiving.

Pretty much any circle, including when they may have been only drinking.

Fez and Hyde drinking Red's beer while Fez imitates Red.

All the kids sneaking around when Red's doing bed checks.

Every time somebody discovers Donna's pictures in Stone Cold Crazy.

Kitty getting stoned.

Any time we see what the stoned people see.

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When Red tapes 'Roots' off the TV, but forgets to put in the tape.

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season 5, ep 18 Hey, Hey what Can I do?

At the job fair, Eric stops or an interview with Bob's Meat

Eric: I've always been fascinated with... meat. Do you have any jobs available?

Bob: Yes! Trigger man.

Eric: Please tell me you're kidding!

Bob: Cow's don't kill themselves, son.

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We had one of these a few years ago. I'll submit the same ones again here.

1. Donna thinks Eric is cheating on her. The panties belong to Midge. Midge runs into the Hub and everybody finds out that the panties were hers. Kelso and Fez start bowing to Eric and calling him a GOD!

2. Kelso with his dad on Career Day. Kelso's day says, "I wish I could make that clearer." Kelso says, "So do I."

3. Red and Kelso when Red is telling Kelso about what he thinks of Kelso and Laurie, Kelso says, "Hey, this is hard."

4. At Donna's bachelorette party at the strip club. Kitty is going nuts and Jackie is behind Kitty laughing at Kitty. (I just added this one.


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Way too many to list, but here's a few.

Almost all of the circles.

Hyde's special brownies...adults stoned, Eric scolding Hyde, Red selling the Vista Cruiser, Eric and Hyde scolding Red. The whole episode was great.

Donna's and Eric's special brownies with "Chocolate Super-Lax".

Midge's panties in the Vista Cruiser.

Grabbing Kitty's ass at the Piggly Wiggly.

Red selling the Vista Cruiser.

Bob's bald head, because everybody really cracked up and they didn't re-shoot the scene.

The whole 1st episode because it was new and different from other shows.


I forgot one.

The boys go up to Jackie's cabin. Red and Kitty are helping Jackie move out.

Kelso gets a vase stuck on his hand because he won't let go of the weed.

This whole thing is funny from beginning to end!


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Fez. I don't remember the scene, but someone blamed something on him. His response: "that's the way you want it, fine. You have to sleep sometime." I also love when he calls people a son of a bitch, and the scene someone else mentioned when he keeps calling Kelso, who is waiting for Brooke to call.