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Who do you think was the best actor/actress on the show, and the worst? The size of the diamond ring Original pre-Netflix L Word Music? View all posts >


Just one correction - she was not the only one high school age. Kelso was 20, but Donna and Eric were 18. Fez. I don't remember the scene, but someone blamed something on him. His response: "that's the way you want it, fine. You have to sleep sometime." I also love when he calls people a son of a bitch, and the scene someone else mentioned when he keeps calling Kelso, who is waiting for Brooke to call. #2 and #12 would be great to see. Eric! From one of my favorite conversations on the show: "What man can't ring a bell?" Being convicted doesn't mean she was guilty. It doesn't even say she was guilty, just that she was convicted. I totally agree about the ridiculous hair. And it didn't fit with Shane at all. She's supposed to be, like someone else said, cool and zen, not really caring too much, but she takes the time to gel/hairspray her hair in this exact way with all the different strands "randomly"? I don't even care about season 6. The fact she adopted a poor dog and had it killed just to meet and hook up with the girlfriend of a reporter she didn't like. That is the most disgusting, just ... revolting thing. She was an egomaniac. CARMEN. She was amazing. I really don't understand how so many people think Shane's body is sexy. Her vibe, her attitude, her body language are sexy, but I feel like I'd need to feed her about ten thousand calories before I hooked up with her. She looks like she's starving. View all replies >