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TOP 5 SCENES WHO IS LISTENING TO SIXTO IN 2020?? lookin' could have been better.. Robin @ the jail Penny... "The Simpsons predicted the COVIT-19" hello COVIT-19 skits Molly was excellent View all posts >


agree with the OP. y'all should check out the 2000s MTV pick up of Baywatch, haaha goddam pippin' yes but Butch couldn't be 100% sure Marsellus would let him off the hook. he could have left- likely the rapists would not be discovered... and the Fatwa called off (lol) so i agree with the user above: "Butch had a bit of humanity and compassion and quite obviously didn't even want his arch enemy to be sexually humiliated and murdered by a bunch of hillbilly boys." i love the moment when Butch opens the door.. but is like NO FUCK THIS. and goes back. i take it as more of a humaine moment VS he was thinking about how Marsellus would react. it was about saving a dude. nope. and i love QT nah. would you recommend? CSI dude was pretty bomb. dunno the other role. honestly I'd go with mr. Pierce Brosnan. he was the cheesiest one. and the most entertaining.. his lines always looked forced LOL unforgivable. ^ this. she can't help but actually grabbin' it View all replies >