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Ordell Robbie (role) Nah I don't watch TV - line "you never moved the bodies !!" Aretha's quotes not good... Barry Lyndon Lana > Jenny Stuart..........? Stephanie the girlfriend John Herring (the dad).. looked younger than his daughter View all posts >


he cop a feel, alright She fainted.. when Stolz goes into the house the aunt comes out alive I think this is slowly becoming my favourite QT film! hahaah the puppies were the best wtf moment out of many I really liked the first scene @ the Cockatoo Inn when Ordell tells Jackie he loves this joint AND then later has a drink there with Louis. LOL haha yes! this is the answer. the Wolf is just way too cool there was no such thing as useless characters in this story.. it was important to show that the Wolf was very well connected in order to solve problems. he maintains the relationship with Joe by being civil with him, his daughter, and even knows the dog's name is Rex. after Joe's "favour" he buys Raquel breakfast meaning he himself is a man of great character. that would be the worst thing ever. PULP FICTION though... back on the rails :) Couple things I love about the timeline and edit in general: 1. the last sound we hear from technically the last scene of the story is Zed's chopper.. and is the first sound we hear during the definition of pulp right before Pumpkin says "forget it.." pretty cool & 2. when the song Miserlou switches to Jungle Boogie @ music supervisor credit I always wonder if that's also to signal a rift in the timeline aka now we go back to the beginning while retuning the radio View all replies >