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what couple was the most awful ? Expensive game.. can you solve a Rubik's cube? was Ty really that bad of a skier ..? Who hired the Santa ? Alicia..? do you like surprise endings? Adelaide Kane obviously the best part A Christmas Tail (2014) Cara... was kind of an ass View all posts >


haahha damn great tune.. from a great album! The Works is probably my fav For some reason "The Thong" (S02, Ep05) never had me laughing... not sure if it has anything to do with Jeff Garlin's direction but something was off. same.. although I also hated the movie in general. but her character was horrific roommate wins Do you think you'd be able to solve the 3x3x3 without knowing algorithms ? Not sure.. it's about as pointless as the "German" dude in Django. Guess accents is the craze in Hollywood atm "look under the hood ! the carburetor needs fixin' " yah she's great The deaths of the characters were actually quite well portrayed.. it wasn't just a series of gruesome deaths. You do feel for each one. The intro and 6 glass puzzle lead off to a great start - just wish the ending wasn't so half-assed. I saw it ! To be honest I did quite enjoy the movie except the spiritual ending for me was simply when Zoey & Ben limped off together - the aerial view of them escaping was fantastic. The obvious sequel was obvious with that stupid airplane stunt. So what happens now? The makers of Minos are going to endanger an entire passenger crew in order to "play" with our two survivors? that's total BS My favourite part was the Billiard Room =) View all replies >