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Julie Andrews > Emily Blunt so she uhm.. STILL ended up rich?! when Brian drops the F-bomb.. ok but Madison.. she cruches the Xmas flicks Xmas classic Leanne Ford Kristen......! one of the better Xmas cheese films the rich dude.. View all posts >


agree with this user. potty trainin' takes a while bruh true hehee i can't dislike Chyler Leigh ever so agreed. oh my. haha maybe he wants to land that role in the upcoming sequel, prequel or remake. LOL not to mention when he asks "why me ?!?" when federal agents are chasing him... HE'S A GODAM HACKER :D hahaa yes. love it only once, but definitely blu-ray purchase for me Basterds is the overall better film but OUATIH has it's shiny moments etc. View all replies >