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who wore it better? the dumbest movie of the 90s / ever made? brilliant in Barry Lyndon the freaking chess match his role on Curb Your Enthusiasm S11.E4 Vaughn & Cuoco. .... Rachel was the perfect 10 why show Lara get smacked in the beginning ?! the Matrix stealing the helicopter ex-machina is SOX a fun character in this? View all posts >


really?! that would be dope lemme know if you find it long hair always better i didn't like the ending either expected something edgier the rise and fall of one poor, poor man ^ this. Barry was an absolute animal i loved it the first time i saw it then i watched it recently. yep, still love it hmmm IB i guess empty-hospital-scenes in scary movies are just stupid. STOP FILMING THEM definitely. yep. View all replies >