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biggest BABE of the original TZ ? 1.07 Not All Men ....! THE TURTLE S04, E05 "Mute" 1.04 "A Traveler" 1.03 "Replay" aNYbody see it yet? rooftop ending (spoilers) 1.01 The Comedian Emma got the short end of that stick.. View all posts >


^ hahaaha.yup. bad choice, Buffy :( ^ yes and it was repeated many times throughout the movie.. for example, Mr. Orange told Marvin (the earless cop) that the police are waiting for Joe Cabot to show. why they waited so long once Joe showed up? so we can see the mexican stand-off ;) hahaa good one. that was a plot twist that not one of the writers really thought through...... aw yes. I also like any episode with Jackie Chiles for me probably the earlier seasons are rewatchable but... latest seasons are a snooze fest for sure. aw man that actor James Best played with her AND the cast of Jess-Belle. hehe lucky fella I enjoy the french server-dude who comes in and starts robbing the thieves. LOL he was one of the characters I felt legit bad for.. all his young years he was the good guy following orders, playin' by the rules.. and then gets whacked like a low-life thug. damn. haha true. Busey owns this film with his behaviour. I also love when he fixes the damn submarine himself.. "it's worKING.. IT'S WORKING !!" =) View all replies >