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Jed's sister is hawt beautiful view..! Leo ends up with Kate.....? best line "you're a psychopathic snake" Elizabeth Tyson VS Sabrina firestarter ?! David Guetta......... pretty good doc...! charlie harper View all posts >


noooooooooo : ( i like both of these dudes.. maybe Leo a bit more meee! man it was so dope guess the movie tried to sell he was on the shy side (?) if I remember correctly. suspicious either way same.. I "want" to believe he hooked up with Ali @ the end of Part 1 but highly doubtful Robbie 100% ahahah yah but he was whiney af in the first flick too.. just overall hilarious to watch. felt bad he never hooked up with ANY of the girls : ( I'm cool with Sam Raimi producing so.. probably gonna watch this ! yay crocs I haven't met MANY people who hate it.. but lotta people who absolutely love it. ^ this. Ordell is fucken great View all replies >