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which Christoph do you prefer? Series finale... Manny having a crush on Haley...... her DNA make-up crew on Season 8 = lame her interviews on Conan.. my absolute 90s crush. amazing on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" Marla was a dick most cringe set ? View all posts >


Old as Ancient Skies I've had these wondering eyes But you took me by surprise when you let me inside of you Inside of you Inside of you There's got to be some part of me Inside of you i legit felt bad for Alex & co. throughout. yes, but it's not a funny bit. Haley is clearly uncomfortable with being ogled at (by Manny) at family gatherings. not sure who was watching this shit and going "hahah Manny is a creep, SO funny" glad to know if you were in Jay's shoes you'd shrug it off like it's normal. ..despite Haley being super uncomfortable with the whole thing. lol i like her blue eyes. Fair was Elly Glover, Dark was Jess-Belle, Both they loved the same man, And both they loved him well. [closing narration] hah. good catch. ^ that, Naked Gun and even the Match Game (game show) he's very quick and funny in those. lol. it's scary from the point of view people actually die, and the political themes are fairly hair-raising (aka nasty espionage/blackmail, nuclear weapons, etc) but the story is told in a funny tone. View all replies >