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CASTING Esther Acebo's sex scene.. Summer Quinn ....? Two major BS moments of the film.. hmmmmmmmmmmm.. Annette O'Toole VS Jessica Chastain her acting skills got it right hurr, in my RAPTOR's bag ? not bad for a TV film pretty gal View all posts >


so far so good. the foggy camera effect is slightly annoying but will definitely see Episode 02 at least. ^ I thought the same thing.... congrats =) Nahh man.. that squid was far from OK ^ agreed. Loved that line. he's one of Leo's co-stars I thought his scenes were pretty good ! I liked his role in this film LOL "take my eyes.. but not my shirt" mmmm I'd say Veronica Better movie if it wasn't made. guess there's always a bit of nudity in a horror flick - take it or leave it buds View all replies >