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How do you feel about Will staying in California at the end?

I've heard some people criticize the ending of the show for the way Will stays behind while everyone else heads East. Do you feel that same?

I actually think the ending made sense.

Most of all, it marked the end of the show, which is the most fundamental goal. Had Will went East with them, then the whole group would remain intact, leading us to think that the Fresh Prince of New York could continue. But the producers and writers knew they couldn't leave this door open; the show had to end here.

Secondly, the ending marked the final development of Will's character. When the show began, he was an immature teenager in need of guidance. At the end, he was a man who no longer needed adult supervision; hence, he could not only live on his own but also 3,000 miles away from his mother, his uncle, & his aunt. In other words, Will's staying in California while everyone else went to the East Coat signified that he no longer needed anyone else to support him, to supervise him, to teach him lessons. He was grown.