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I'm not even making this up! This is getting more and more ridiculous! Episode seems to have never existed outside of my old VCR tape? Square peg round hole protagonists of the Disney Renaissance View all posts >


Well, that reply was to a different poster. But still, I have to say that the stereotypes are much more realistic than you seem to think. No, that would be really stupid at my latitude. There's a kind of High School student, that I would call the "Average Joe". They don't really fit into the more obvious stereotypes (nerds, goths, jocks, alpha bitches, etc) Therefore, they will not be noticed as much as the others. But they do exist and maybe even are the majority of the students. Maybe that is what you were. Seriously, I could pretty much have written the same post! It was really hard for me too to relate to Laura. There were admittedly some occasions like once a year, when I could appreciate her after all. Like the episode when she started a campaign for more Black History in school. Or if she was allowed to tell a real creep off for his terrible behavior. Most of the time though, she was only shallow (despite that we were meant to see her as smart) and stuck-up. Like you, I felt a much stronger connection with Myra. The writers could never stop downplaying her qualities to make their precious Laura look (supposedly) better. But I was never convinced. Likewise, I found it very unrealistic that Laura was supposed to be every guy's wet dream. I have to say that Myra and most girls whom Eddie dated were much prettier than her. I don't remember that Curtis said that to Myra, but I don't doubt that it's true. However, I do remember that she lost a job at a department store to Laura because she lied and was greedy. Because when it was about making Laura look (supposedly) better, they had to ruin other characters. Aren't the individual perpetrators the ones, who should be held responsible for their crimes? Well, I don't really care for any of his work except for "Fanny & Alexander" and "The Best Intentions". Bergman is not my cup of tea otherwise. But how is repressing the Catholic Church a good thing? The world has indeed gone mad. Since things have changed a lot in only the last fifty years, maybe a disclaimer isn't a bad idea. Because people are easily offended by some things, which were considered harmless just a few decades ago. However, I don't see why an old Disney movie or "The Muppet Show" shouldn't be okay for a kid to watch. Well, it is mentioned in this thread that "Pretty Woman" gives some women the idea that prostitution is a glamorous thing. Yes, it is up to everybody to find out what it's really about before becoming a prostitute. Unfortunately though, some people aren't smart enough to do so. And when you look at it that way, you won't see the movie as that harmless anymore. "Grease" falls into that same cathegory to me. It might look just harmless to you that Sandy becomes a slutty greaser chick and starts smoking, but I can't see it that way. Then again, I'm allergic to hearing that peer pressure is a benign thing anyway. View all replies >