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I don't believe that all vegans will lecture people like that. But when you feel very strongly about something, it might be hard to not express your opinion. First, you have to define what "obnoxious" means. Because that could mean different things to different people. But rven do violence is hardly the answer. Like I said in a different thread: it is pretty much impossible to find a movie like this, that takes no liberty with the history. So you have to enjoy it for what it is. Or if you can't do that, just don't watch it again and move in with your life. Some times, yes. Because I have lost a lot of people since then. Then again, all of the new technology is great. Well, Susie did throw him out in one episode. No, but I have my computer and my tablet (which I normally use to watch TV shows these days) in my bedroom. I have to side with Thingmaker though. Everything has become so much easier to find, and that is a good thing. And I just love that I can use the same device for so many different things (music, TV, camera, calculator etc). My mother is lost though with all the new technology, so I have to help her all the time. May I go back a few decades in times? Because I want to say that Michael Jackson could be very sexy between 1986 and 2000. And yet, what right do we have to ridicule people because of their convictions? Not that I'm a vegan, but I feel that we have to respect other people's choices. True. It is not fair to judge somebody with financial problems for staying with their family for a while. View all replies >