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I bought a set of Bluetooth headphones, and I never got them to work. And I also have problems with regular headphones and recharging cords to my tablet. They seem to break within just a few weeks. It is probably just a case of bad timing, that the spin-off with Magnussen (white actor) was announced just as the news about Massoud (Egyptian actor) having problems had emerged. Still, I do get why some people wondered what was going on. Exactly! I don't feel that people are complaing over nothing. I mean, why would they make a spin-off about a random extra anyway? And the fact that this is one of the few white people in the movie gives this a heap of unfortunate implications. Actually, I believe that Laura looked good in short hair. And I don't think that most girls can pull that hairstyle off at that young age. Myra was indeed prettier though, so I really don't see why Steve preferred Laura. I'll go with the one, where Laura met her guardian angel and switched places with Steve. Because I loved that one. And I also love the one, where Steve had to stay with the Winslows over Christmas and proved that Santa was real. I know I didn't get tired of it, because Jaleel was talented enough to make it work. However, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were guest stars on one episode of "Sister, Sister". Seriously, you have no idea how much I agree with you here! Floyd was normally a good father to hus kids otherwise, but I hate how he treated Marcus on those occasions. I guess that what Kalea7 said is true, that Floyd just wanted all of his children to have a good future. But he was unable to see that school isn't for everybody, and that everybody should have the right to make their own choices. We changed to the metric system already back in 1878 here in Sweden. It is peculiaf that three countries still don't want to change. View all replies >