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I'm not even making this up! This is getting more and more ridiculous! Mystery episode with Krtek? Square peg round hole protagonists of the Disney Renaissance View all posts >


The big problem is that some people feel that they have a right to silence anyone who disagrees with them. It is really ridiculous if you're not allowed to say that a person is theur biological gender. I agree with the people, who dislike any of these: Coconut Liver Onions Fish Furthermore, I simply can't stand meat sauce or bolognese. I'm just fine with most hamburgers and the occasional meatballs, but I can't stand it when the beef is in a sauce. And yeah, I don't really care for some fruits. Like melon and mango. And I also dislike oatmeal porridge and licorice and anything that's too spicy. To sum it up, I sure am a picky eater. But I was even worse as a kid. Well, I'm here. Nothing in the world is worse than Covid-19 right now. After I watched the Disney movie "Hercules" for the first time, I remembered it as if Megara was turned into a goddess so she could live with Hercules among the gods. As I remembered it, she was even given shiny golden hair so we could see that she wasn't a mortal anymore. But then I watched it again three years later, only to find out that <spoiler>the true ending was pretty much the other way around. Hercules gave up his opportunity to become a god again to be able to live with the mortal Megara in Earth. </spoiler> I still wonder how my brain could play such a weird trick on me. Yes, but you will hardly find dubbed movies here in Sweden anyway unless kids are the target audience. Even cartoons will get subtitles if they are more for adults, like for example "The Simpsons" or "South Park". I keep my butter and my eggs in the refrigerator. I don't see why they shouldn't be there. Then again, I stick to soft kinds of butter. So there's no way that a refrigerator will make it yucky. They want to live in "white countries" because we have a better average living standard than "black countries". So it does add up. I had never known that cats can have allergies too. But it makes sense that they would get similar afflictions as humans. Take good care of your little girl! Our cat is named Berlioz after the kitten from "Aristocats". That's too French for most people in Sweden though, so he mostly goes by "Berra". View all replies >