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The two idiot FBI agents! First time jump Biff=Trump Wrong Move! Where was Doc going for him to be late? Overall ok See you Yesterday Captain America 4: The Time Traveler Time Travel and Caps SL Mel was wrong View all posts >


Exactly! I think 85 Doc would have been fine. 55 Doc on the other hand wouldn’t have been. It would have created a major paradox because he wouldn’t be able to send Marty back to 1985 I think they sort of implied that the people in the mural were past comedians who got duped by JC and that it would be an ongoing cycle with Didi being next! No because the original was just a better movie to me. I don’t want to see Milan without Crickee or Mushu or Shang Yeah he would have been happy with the 80 dollars but I guarantee he still would have killed Doc and/or Marty His mother was initially played by Jo Marie Payton and then Gladys took over I agree! I just couldn't see him and Denise for the long haul! Denise was BORING! Just like Kim was BORING! Not only that but few cast members from ADW were actually guest stars Jasmine Guy Kadeem Hardison Darryl Bell Lou Myers Charnelle Brown Cree Summers Debbie was in more than 3 episodes. I think she came in season 1 and left at the end of season 2 because when season 3 started she and Austin were already gone I agree! Show was crap after they left and they absolutely ruined "Be prepared" in the live action Lion King View all replies >