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False Arrest episode.

Really didn't like how the whole family sided with that arrogant jackass Buddy Goodrich over Carl.

I get people can be starstruck, and yes I know Buddy put on his good guy persona when he was around the whole family (including Carl) and only got ugly once he got Carl alone in the kitchen, but come on, Harriet, Rachel, the kids and Estelle have known Carl their whole lives, they only knew (or thought they knew) Buddy from his TV show, when in fact he was actually nothing like the character he portrayed.

I mean, it really shouldn't have taken them overhearing Buddy's threats to smear Carl during a trial to make them realize Carl wasn't the sort of person who arrests people without good reason.



I agree, they treated Carl pretty badly in that one. Plenty of celebrities that I once liked are terrible people and I don't think they should get a pass for it.


Yeah, that was really sad to see. It is implied that they thought that Carl had just arrested Buddy out of petty jealousy. They should have realized that he never would abuse his authority as a police officer though. But we can at least be happy that Buddy got what he deserved in the end.


At least they got a chance to hear the guy speak candidly and realized what a douche he truly was.

It's one of those scenarios that [sadly] often happens in real life, where people fall in love with a tv/movie character, but then blindly assume the actor is gonna be the same kind of person. Then they find out (through a strange series of events) what kind of an asshole the actor truly is, compared to their character. I plenty of real-life examples of this if anyone is curious.