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I didn't really sense it. Alex seems to like more flamboyant players because they make the show more interesting and it helps ratings. I don't find James as annoying as Ken Jennings, he was a bit too smug. Love glam metal. Def Leppard are in the Rock and roll hall of fame now. Also like Whitesnake, Scorpions, Kiss, Poison, Motley Crue. Part 3 was so perfect, they really should have ended it there. The trailer for part 4 already looks weird. Even if it isn't terrible, it's still going to tarnish the series' legacy. I still like Alan Parsons Project, especially Eye in the sky and Games people play. Bruce Willis is no Charles Bronson, this remake sucked. What an idiot, can't believe people are still offended by mixed couples nowadays. Cop Land (1997) was really good. This is just self-righteous virtue signalling. Very disappointing, The Simpsons used to be edgy and subversive, now they've caved to annoying PC and SJW types. Will they pull every episode that has a guest star who has a dark side? There's the Mel Gibson episode, The Rolling Stones episode because Elvis Costello made racial slurs in 1979, the Mr. Bergstrom episode because Dustin Hoffman was accused of sexual harassment, very dubious claims. I miss the days when local stations used to play reruns of classic 70s and 80s shows on weekday mornings and afternoons, it's all garbage now. Really sad and shocking news, hope he'll pull through. Been a fan of the show since the 80s. His appearance on Cheers was a classic. View all replies >