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Not sure why people are saying that, there are tons of stories about him being really cool with fans in public. Not all liberals are oversensitive dweebs who pretend to get offended about everything. I thought it was really funny. Yeah, he was so great at doing serious roles. One Hour Photo was amazing and World's Greatest Dad and Insomnia were good too. Trump will eat him alive during debates? Are you serious? Trump sounds like an idiot in debates and Biden is very well spoken. Debates don't really matter unfortunately, Trump supporters will support him no matter what just to piss of liberals. They're like grade 7 kids voting for the class clown as a joke. Every sitcom wife since the early 90s seems to be a bitch. All I Ask Water under the bridge Right as Rain Beyoncé sucks and has the most obnoxious fanbase. Adele is one of the most talented singers of this generation. It's true that Steve had his nice moments and Laura was kind of shallow and always got involved with losers who treated her badly, but she still has the right to date who she wants. Steve wasn't entitled to be with her just because he did nice things for her. Stop promoting this nonsense. He'll be a far better president than Trump, although that's a pretty low bar. I agree, they treated Carl pretty badly in that one. Plenty of celebrities that I once liked are terrible people and I don't think they should get a pass for it. View all replies >