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Definitely, it had a great story, acting and characters, not just the usual shooting and blowing up stuff. Too bad it wasn't a bigger success. Pretty stupid. Older Disney films are full of stuff that wouldn't fly today, they would be ruined if they started removing every scene that might offend oversensitive people. It's still popular. CBC airs it every summer. Yeah, curvy women are really sexy, like Christina Hendricks and Sofia Vergara. Ashley Graham might be technically overweight, but she's still hot because she has a nice hourglass figure. Love them, still buy classic rock from the 70s in used stores. I try to go every week. I'm reading Michelle Obama's memoir now. Really good, love spicy food. I dated an Indian girl in college and she was a great cook. She's not doing much acting anymore, but is doing a lot of writing and directing. I think it will have a respectable performance overall, not quite as good as earlier ones, but not a bomb either. I was surprised by the dark turn with Sturgis' character. He went from mildly eccentric to possibly mentally ill in just one episode. View all replies >