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He's a creepy pedo too - Hey, this thing writes itself! Jerry, I think you and I are going to get along just... d'oh! Innocent until proven guilty, anyone can make up a bogus claim. Neil Degrasse Tyson was cleared after several false claims. I heard that too, probably because he badmouthed them in his book. His net worth is apparently only 50 thousand dollars. I was in high school in the 90s and there were cliques, but people had friends from different groups too. I was kind of nerdy but I hung out with some jocks and stoners too. They weren't THAT big, maybe slightly bigger than average. I'd say One Hour Photo, his best serious role. He's at his best when he plays villains. World's Greatest Dad is really good too. Ed Sheeran is really dull and bland, not suitable at all for a Bond song. Bring back Adele. Disney is really getting lazy. It looks like they're going to remake all of the renaissance films in just a few years. Pretty soon they'll redo Frozen. It's as bad as the late 90s when they did lame straight to video prequels and sequels. View all replies >