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Hated his character on The Rookie. When is season 4 starting? Show has aged terribly Excellent Looks Good A man needs to play Wonder Woman JAG Reunion Boring Levy Tran joining the show Chris Pratt attends an anti-gay church with a history of child molestation and ex-gay therapy View all posts >


Probably some alt-right trolls and edgy 13 year olds, just like Reddit. Mods should ban them. The show really went off the deep end after Urkel started cloning himself. Probably because the show has aged really badly. I'm not really upset about the declining quality. It should have ended around season 20 or so, but we'll always be able to enjoy the classic seasons. She's a billionaire, I don't think she cares what the oversensitive woke twitter brigade thinks. I think you can order it on DVD, I don't know if reruns have aired since the original airing. I always felt bad for Virgil. I thought he was going to get a good upper mid card run after his feud with Dibiase ended, but they used him as a lower mid card jobber for years after that, I thought he deserved better. He was a good wrestler and popular with fans. They already did a reboot in 2011 and it didn't catch on. The original was a classic but a product of it's time. He admitted later that he didn't even write the book himself. He said it was ghost written by another writer who interviewed him. He said that many of his claims were made up or exaggerated. I saw it at a used store too, glad I didn't buy it. They usually have a funny scene at the beginning of each episode, but it's pretty dark and serious most of the time, not as dark as SVU or Chicago PD but it sure isn't a comedy. View all replies >