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Levy Tran joining the show Chris Pratt attends an anti-gay church with a history of child molestation and ex-gay therapy Renewed! 3.5 rating Remake Great singer Netflix RIP David Great start Pretty good View all posts >


German wheat beer. Moscato, Riesling wine. Good one, also Misunderstanding, Follow you, follow me, In too deep. Linda Ronstadt - Long long time, Try me again Adele - All I Ask, Someone like you Poison - Every rose has it's thorn Def Leppard - Hysteria Jim Croce - Operator Ambrosia - How much I feel Player - Baby come back Phil Collins - Against all odds Agree. Not sure why this was such a big story, for a place like Florida, it wouldn't have even made the news. I think he's just taking anything he can get to cash in before fans get tired of him, not there's anything wrong with that. He also casually gave away his cat and dog a few years ago, shows what an insensitive prick he is. It was a different time. I think it will blow over, other celebrities have recovered from worse things. I think he's already semi-retired anyway. He's pretty well-liked so I think fans will forgive him. I wonder why they hinted that he might return if he's leaving the show for good. They should have made his departure more final. Jorge Garcia and Daniel Dae Kim were on Hawaii Five-0 which is very popular and Kim is now producing The Good Doctor. View all replies >