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Why did Reverend Lowe suddenly turn into a killer himself after the rocket to the eye?

Before he took the rocket to the eye he seemed to be a nice guy struggling with what he was, he had nightmares and woke up in a sweat all scared. He tried to plead with the mob of rednecks to not go after the wolf cause he didn't want them to die.

But after Marty shot the wolf in the eye with the rocket he seemed to take a turn to the dark side, he was chasing a cripple boy down with his car trying to murder him after that lol, not to mention that he stopped shaving and just looked like he hated life after that. I get you liked your eye but wheres the compassionate man from the first half of the movie? surely losing 1 eye wouldn't suddenly turn him so viscous.


Because Marty and his sister were sending him letters, saying they know he’s the werewolf, blah blah blah, and that he should just kill himself. Also, he was having those terrible nightmares that were definitely wearing him down a bit and the town was out to kill him. And he did not want Marty or his sister telling anyone the truth. It was just becoming too much for him.
Thank you for bringing up this film. I love it and have watched it hundreds of times. I was looking at movie locations of it the other day and sadly, Marty’s house is now a shopping center, but they left the big tree. Such a great movie!!


Yeah that makes sense, but even before the letters was sent he seemed intent on getting Marty back, when Jane told him about Marty bugging her he said with a mean look "Well little brothers do that sometimes", then when Jane left he said "Say hi to your brother for me Jane" almost in a way where he was wanting to send Marty a foreboding message.

But yeah i totally get what you said about the nightmares getting to him and everything kinda mentally wearing down.