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Yes!! You said it perfect!!!! If you’re a “Carpenter” fan and you just saw this 2 days ago, you’re not a Carpenter fan and this film isn’t for you. Because it’s awesome. I agree! It’s just a fun Christmas film!!! Hubby and I love watching this!! I’m not sure he can. I have loved his movies from the beginning, but for years now they have been really bad. I actually loved, “Just go with it” even though I know most people don’t.. I just love the banter between him and Anniston. But none will ever be as good as The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison.. etc. I haven’t watched Hubie Halloween or whatever it’s called, but I don’t have high hopes.. I think I’ve met my opposite soul mate, lol.. Uncut Gems was just anxiety from start to finish.. But I love seeing others favourites xo Just because it isn’t the same as your childhood, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense.. I’ve just looked up this house and who’s is it in the movie. It’s not Dani’s house. The person above definitely located it. Which house is this that you found? Good job!! That’s definitely it!! I think she was 100% wrong. She knew her sister had feelings for Court, even if it wasn’t going anywhere. She knew for a fact it would hurt Dani. In no way was she in the right. You just don’t do that. Absolutely agree! In no way was she in love with him.. they were all just good friends. View all replies >